It would be better if we recalled Durkan sooner than later.

I mean this is Seattle and this austerity and everything she is trying to push isn't right.


It's almost like they are going to say if you don't want to be shot by the cops don't do things that could get you shot and that people should obey the orders of cops.


That is what it is; Durkan has already told us if you don't like toll roads don't drive and take a bus.

Let's be blunt; if mass transit was really going to be the solution wouldn't it have already worked like 25-30 years ago?

We support sound transit with our tax dollars and Metro ... that's just a weird arrangement when you see a Metro bus running a sound transit route with a sound transit driver that you saw earlier today with a metro uniform on.


Remember when being a police officer meant that you might not go home tonight? and it was for a worthy cause like protecting our streets? ... Now police officers shoot first because they have to get home to their family.



So, was the CPC consulted, or weren’t they?



The nazis! They are everywhere!!!!!!111111eleven


@6: Indeed. Naziism runs so strong here that during the war, Seattle was practically an enemy encampment.

Just ask the aptly-named GermanSausage.


@6 Nazi's are everywhere and GermanSausage and their kind are to scared to take care of them.


The CPC is a joke. Why should they have any say in a police contract?
Wtf do a bunch of bullshit civilians know about police work? Are they trained in reacting to deadly situations? It's easy to point out what people SHOULD do in a high stress deadly situation from the warmth and safety of their armchair.
Seattle policies and "leadership" sucks. Quit neutering the police and maybe we could see some actual progress around here.

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