Cops Jun 16, 2022 at 3:45 pm

A $1.5M settlement for a Nazi-sympathizing officer in Kent has revived advocates' hopes for a legislative fix

Advocates say the State Legislature could strengthen police accountability procedures AND save a bunch of taxpayer money next session. Yinyang | Getty



So, someone who really should have known better decided to decorate his taxpayer-supplied office door in horribly bad taste. He received a standard discipline of time off with pay, and sensitivity training. Now, if he'd done it again, or continued in any other unacceptably insensitive behavior, then he could easily have been fired. But no, the politicians just had to capitulate to loudmouthed activists, which meant a payout.

This could easily have been written as the perils of politicians surrendering to self-appointed, loudmouthed activists, but given how stubbornly the Stranger still clings to 'defund SPD!' years after that miserable failure, I kind of doubt they'd write it that way.


I guess one could ask why we "buy off" all sorts of lawsuits brought against the city, county or state...could it be that we listen far too much to the activists in and around this state, or the political flavor of the moment... or we listen far too much to those who like to "cast things immediately in a sensational fashion" without doing the research.... much like the slog contributors here.

Golly? I wonder. Its time to embrace common sense.

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