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What Does It Take to Get Them to Pick Up the Phone?

In an emailed statement, Jake Gravbrot’s attorney said he “fully denies any and all defamatory allegations against him.” JENSINE ECKWALL



“… while simultaneously adding officers to units dedicated to addressing property crime and encampment removals.”

Voters elected Mayor the candidate who promised encampment removals, and elected City Attorney a Republican over an abolitionist. So the Stranger here is mad at SPD for doing what the voters clearly wanted? Just because the Strsnger refuses to admit SPD is woefully understaffed doesn’t mean SPD is fully staffed. Behold the triumph of “defund,” Stranger!

@1: This whole story is strange. Why are the victims not filing reports with the police? That’s the best way to get police attention, and doing so would make obvious a pattern of alleged criminal behavior by the accused. Both the police AND another victims’ advocate have told the Stranger that victims, not third parties, must file reports. As you noted, disputes over property should be handled in civil court, not criminal court, and in fact involving the police makes it less likely they will ever possess the property (videos) in question.

The best we can say here is someone is giving these women very bad advice. These women should file police reports, and seek legal representation, perhaps through the aforementioned Sexual Violence Law Center.


Apparently we not only have to fund the SPDs cushy salaries and pensions, and cover their liability assaults they do on the job. We also have to …literally do their jobs for them. Fuck that.


@1, @2 - Thanks for untangling that messy reporting to give us an accurate viewpoint.


@5: That's a selfish attitude, and I say that recognizing that going to the police can be "utterly humiliating and contemptuous" (but being greeted with compassion and dignity is equally plausible), because you're putting yourself first before thinking of the other victims that will be assaulted by the perpetrator. Right?

Be brave and file a report asap!


@5: Nobody here has said that filing these reports with the police would be easy or fun. I filed a report with the SPD decades ago, after my apartment was one of several in the building ransacked by a thief who’d gotten ahold of a master key. (Luckily for me, the building manager caught him in the act of amassing my stuff for heist, and chased the thief away without loss to me.) A detective from the SPD contacted me a couple of times, but nothing ever came of it. Still, getting my case into the system and statistics may have helped someone else, later.

This story shows why filing the reports is so necessary. The police can’t do anything with the information Reese has provided, except use it as a basis for opening actual investigations, and they’re too understaffed to go chasing random third-party information when they already have so many reported crimes to investigate. Right now, the Stranger is essentially victim-blaming the police, both for being understaffed, and for these women’s failure to file reports. Nothing good will happen unless the victims themselves file reports, not just talk about doing so to Reese and the Stranger. Your name-calling of anyone who points out this obvious truth also accomplishes nothing positive.


Well, I know what to wrap the trout in tonight...


Police have limited resources. They can't go after rapists because someone might be shoplifting at target


@13: As noted above, the police really can’t do anything without a report filed by a victim. Reese may actually have hurt any chance of a future investigation by pretending she was doing something useful, when she wasn’t.

Also, if stores close due to shoplifting, that can hurt entire neighborhoods. When I lived in Belltown, I depended upon the downtown Target for emergency supplies for my then-infant child. I don’t even know what I would have done had the blatant thieving closed the place.


Once the detective said we needed to file a report ourselves, that is what we did. At least 4 of us have filed reports now.
They had been communicating with Tiffany, the podcast creater via email and over the phone, they could have told her that when she was speaking with them.

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