Cops Nov 17, 2023 at 9:00 am

SPD Roster Shows Officer Andrew Swartz Still Employed in October

"Dedication" is certainly one way of putting it. LESTER BLACK



First and foremost, the officer clearly should not be doing that. I would agree that there should be some sort of consequence for his actions that is proportional to his behavior. He didn't put anyone in a fatal chokehold but his actions are clearly wrong. Perhaps we would be able to better vet officers from a larger pool if we didn't get in our own way and replace cops like this. We are in a precarious situation. Police are a necessity and police reform should be a priority but the way it has been handled clearly isn't working in Seattle. It would be nice to see some balance here as well. It is important to expose this kind of behavior but I rarely see articles about specific crimes perpetrated in Cap Hill or downtown.


Seattle's finest.


So, we pay him for 2 years, because it takes that interval or longer to make a few decisions. Or, is this one where they fire the guy and SPOG Laywers take up the case and force SPD to re-hire the creepy accused?
Uff da.


'to protect and serve!'

was Never supposed
to be Protect the
perps, Serve the
miscreants but
Here we Are.

taking the money Bad Apples
cost we the Peeps tf Outta
their Pension Funds'd
go a LONG Ways in
removing the Rot-
tenest of Apples.

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