More sinister?

Charles, you have some work to do. You must explain why this viral image should be regarded as sinister to begin with.

You must explain why you, Charles Mudede, want everyone else to first and foremost look for something evil when viewing a picture of a black child and a police officer getting along well with each other.
I see the haters have shown up. I really worried about this case---I thought it would turn out this way. Reuters had a five-part series on adoption that I think is germane:…

These two women moved those kids away from any oversight. They had no social service oversight, they had no teacher oversight, and it sounds like there was real trouble in that house. I'm afraid I look at people who adopt kids and make them do stuff like these kids were made to do (I'm sorry but what kind of performance art was that in Portland?) and worry. A lot. And yet black kids are removed from their own mothers for trivial reasons every day, a phenomenon known as "Jane Crow."
It's odd how people like this writer, blindly espousing racist hatred, can't see the bigotry in themselved they decry in others.

Mr. Mudede, you're as bad as any white nationalist. That your racism is directed toward white 'others' rather than black (or Asian or whatever) doesn't make it less vile.

You're also, to put it kindly, creative with your narrative. You know only one of any four things you write. The rest you infer with no more reason than your own prejudice. I can't imagine how dark a place your mind must be to see a child hugging a cop and go down the mental path you did. Hopefully you have no children you're teaching your own hate filled worldview.
They aren't inferences, #4, as you would know if you had read anything about the case. One of the mothers was prosecuted for assaulting one of the girls. The neighbors say that one of the kids was asking for food and claimed they weren't letting him eat as punishment for some infraction. A little girl showed up at night crying and begging not to be sent back. I'm a parent. This is not normal. None of it is normal. Nor is it normal to take your kids to Pioneer Square with home-made signs and have them demonstrate with you. (I've demonstrated with my kids when THEY asked, but I guarantee that not all five of those kids were there willingly, because no five kids are ever in agreement about any activity.) Indications are they took off because the authorities were looking into their parenting. Whatever was happening in that house was not good.
When Charles is on, he's on. But boy. When he is OFF he is REALLY off.

recall how liberal whites go on and on about the population bomb exploding all over the brown and black Global South. They worry that the planet may not be able to sustain so many humans, and strongly advocate UN and US aid for birth control and family planning programs to curb the crisis. But this neo-Malthusian position completely avoids the deeper and truer problem. Carbon liberated by, say, a baby in Africa is nowhere near that liberated by a baby in the US or Europe. Black people fucking like rabbits in the tropics is the least of our problems

For fuck sake Charles this is only true if you want brown and black people to remain impoverished for ever. If you want them to increase their standard of living you are by god damned default asking them to increase consumption. this increasing impact on the planet. Thus increasing competition for resources. Thus increasing wars. Thus increasing suffering.

Shit. I'd love it if the wealthy west cut consumption on a massive scale by some socialist magic wand. But without population controls even with the most ideal Socialist fantasy consumption curbs in the west the best your going to get is the same rate of consumption that's killing the planet now.

Jesus Christ, man. If the population of the planet was back to 2 billion the subequatorial brown and black peoples could consume as much as they wanted AND human labor would be worth something again.
@1,2,4 One doesn’t have to be white to be an entitled asshole, but most entitled assholes are white.

With respect, I made no comment on the abuse allegations. This woman drove her family off a cliff to their deaths, possibly in cooperation with her partner. Clearly things weren't roses and sunshine.

It's the inferences Mr. Mudede then makes about how race played or plays into things that are pure speculation. It is possible to be unbalanced without race playing a role, as it turns out.

The bizarre non sequitors about Africa weren't even rational. But hatred and bigotry don't co-exist with reason, so for the writer to he irrational is unsurprising.
i thought the picture was disturbing the first time i laid eyes on it - that kid looks traumatized. i don’t understand how anyone can read anything different in it.
Holy shit people. As a white woman I can tell you for a fact that this case has white guilt gone way bad written all over it. White women use black adopted kids as props for peace love and performance art. Yes this was a very racial incident. White people go out of their way to rescue a bunch of black kids then drag them around to racial justice and hippie fucking events with pro-cameras and hug me signs. Yeah, they are making a statement and not letting the kids be kids. And it sounds like the kids were not grateful enough for their savior mommies. It is fucking racist bullshit. It is pretty fucking obvious.
Calm down everyone. I’m here now and I think I can sort this out. Conflating generic liberalism with out of touch elitism might be a logical response to how gross it sometimes feels to discuss matters of poverty with someone who has lived a sheltered life of privilege — especially when you’ve intentionally surrounded yourself with people who’ve never experienced poverty. This does not(!) mean liberal elitism is the core of liberalism. I think it’s just that you’ve stopped listening to the liberals who remain mostly ignored by everyone in your general social ecosystem. It’s probably completely natural to adopt your chosen tribe’s views as universal norms and then judge everyone else with this universal common sense.
Population is a very serious concern and it is going to affect the whole planet and a lot sooner than you may think. There is mass migration toward Europe and North America and the migrants want to have a higher standard of living. This will only increase the carbon footprint. Isn't that why you, Charles, chose to migrate and stay here? Just because you don't drive doesn't mean you don't also contribute to that footprint.
I am becoming more and more of a white person who fucking hates white people. ANYONE AND EVERYONE who TRULY believes these two white women who adopted numerous black children, removed them from the social world, specifically school, have documented police and child services cases of abuse, and then drove off a cliff murdering their children and killing themselves AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE is just as fucking delusional, deranged, and dangerous as these women were and every single white supremacist POS in this country is. WAKE THE FUCK UP. THIS IS ABOUT RACE. EVERYTHING HAPPENING EVERY DAY IS ABOUT RACE. White people sit back and justify goddamn everything and get so pissed off that "people always make it about race."


From the beginning this country has been ALL ABOUT RACE. GENOCIDE AND THEN FORCING INTO GHETTOS NATIVE AMERICANS. CHATTEL SLAVERY OF BLACK PEOPLE STOLEN FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY AND THEN EVEN STOLEN FROM THE NORTHERN PARTS OF THIS COUNTRY. THEN JIM CROW. THEN ALL OF THE WAYS DISCRIMINATION HAS CONTINUED - REDLINING, DISCRIMINATION IN EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT, ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY, HEALTH CARE, ETC. ETC. ETC. EVERY SINGLE DETAIL OF EVERY DAY LIFE. FFS continuous denial and doubling down on refusal to acknowledge and accept and atone for all of the racist hate that happens on a daily basis, makes YOU a racist POS and someone perfectly happy with the status quo. The status quo is FUCKED UP BEYOND BELIEF. The status quo is why we have the current DUMPSTER FIRE in D.C.

I swear to god I wish a horrific plague would wipe out all white people, better yet all of humanity. I am so sick of this hate filled shit show. The earth, the universe, the galaxy, and beyond will ALL BE BETTER OFF WHEN HUMAN BEINGS CEASE TO EXIST.

I am seriously at the end of my rope with this shit. What the fuck is wrong with you people?
I like how they do police in europe better than here.
@11 Man, we see this all the time. These ladies aren't alone. Plenty of woke white people using black people as props, and I'm not talking about miley cyrus; I'm talking about your friend at the marches and rallies, the mayor with the black spouse, and so on. People we're told are Good Upright People. Just because they're not narcissistic enough to kill their props when they can't exploit them any further means they're only different by degree, not by kind.
Well said, Charles. A great read about numerous tragedies.
This evisceratingly tragic story,
and the photo,
are a stark metaphor for the relationship between the Leftist Elite and Black America.

Exploitation for ideological and political gain;
isolation from the wider society;
indoctrinated with a false world-view that renders totally unprepared to cope in the real world;
failure to provide with a skill set to enable to function or succeed in the wider world;
the Maternalistic Smothering Nanny State that steals the desire and ability to take care of one's self....

photo caption:

Black Child: "Officer; I need help,
I'm hungry and afraid;
please save me from the fear and despair and hopelessness I am enslaved by.....
before the officer can reply a shrill voice cuts in....
"Get away from that policeman!
The police are bad!
Everyone in society except me is bad!

Come get in the van, sweetie, let's go for a ride...."

If someone marries or adopts based on skin color just to show others how "woke" they are the problem isn't racism. They're just crazy and race is the outlet for it.

Parenthetically, there are words destined to disappear from usage soon, but not too soon for me. Woke is one. Referring to the person one loves and shares life with by the cold term 'partner' is a bit higher on my list of detestable neologisms.


Generally mental health professionals over prescribe drugs by a wide margin, in my opinion. In your case? Powerful anti psychotics and the rubber room are unfortunately the best options.
Why is the left as obsessed with race as the Nazi's?

That's a bad case of cognitive dissonance disorder you've got.

As a start, the person to whom you respond didn't compare behavior. He/she simply accurately noted that both Nazis and some leftists have an obsession with race.

I recommend some basic logic courses, reading real journalists about current events and, well, don't call me in the morning. Or ever.

I think I can help that anxiety disorder a bit.

The Nazi party no longer exists as a meaningful political organizatuon. Hasn't since the end of this thing called WW2 you might have heard of. A few sad angry losers make noise about it online and more rarely publically, since by definition they're cowards.) But they have the same chances of affecting legislation as the NAMBLA folks do.

There. Load off your mind?
Publicly. Geez.

I'm really puzzled. Usually going back a bit helps me with that.

The Nazi party and the way they governed pre WW2 and wartime Germany were coldly and clinically evil. I know. Leftists hate that word. All values (except conservative or family ones) are equal etc etc etc. But evil was and is the most accurate word to describe the Third Reich. Anti Semitic and anti religious and anti intellectual hatred were the repellent heart of that party. Were. Until the end of the war they lost. They no longer exist as a party. Not in Germany and not here.

But the point that sailed high above your head was that motivations were compared @23. Not behavior. You however took it that the commentor was equating Nazi behavior historically with the current obsession with race the left has. Untrue, as you'll see if you re-read his or her comment.

You're welcome.
Great work Charles.

I read an article yesterday that touched on some similar themes.…
I'd be very interested in hearing your opinion.

I think you'll get farther dealing with actual racism if people like Me. Mudede and others quit crying wolf.

It does exist. There are people who want to blame their social or economic or psychological situations on others because actually making the changes they need requires effort. As long as that's true some 'other' can be made the patsy by the unscrupulous or equally deluded.

But it you pull a gun on a cop and get shot, it wasn't necessarily the color of your skin. If you sit at home all day on unemployment systemic racism isn't the problem. Laziness is. Eliminate probable causes for personal failure first. If there are still problems in a given community maybe then race or gender are the issue and need addressed.

If idiots like Mr. Mudede give all sorts of examples of the left decrying racism on false or nebulous claims it gives cover to those who want to believe racism doesn't exist. His behavior is not only irresponsible and dishonest. It's actually harmful.

@15-"ALL BE BETTER OFF WHEN HUMAN BEINGS CEASE TO EXIST. " Go ahead and kickstart the mass extinction. Your selflessness will be remembered.
Charles-The reason why the picture is so moving is because it depicts the transcendence of thought, misperception, and judgment. Too often, people on both sides of the issue wrongfully identify a person's form (uniform or skin color) for who they are, and make numerous assumptions based on this. Many (not ALL) police do it to Blacks. Many (not ALL) Blacks do it to police. Obviously, if this officer walked up to a black boy and hugged him, he is not part of the problem. Too often, however, protesters want to lump all officers as having one collective consciousness. That's absurd. People are individuals and you cannot judge them all based on the uniform they wear. Similarly, narrow-minded cops cannot judge all Blacks simply based on the color of their skin. Do you now get that this issue simply represents two sides of the SAME coin? Can you see that? I am a black female. I am liberal. I have worked with police officers and I know that many of them are NOT in favor of brutality against Blacks. Does that surprise you? It shouldn't because we are all individuals. This sense of "otherness" is an illusion because we are one in the same and love is the only thing that is real. The picture of the black boy and white cop hugging illustrates that to a tee.
@31- I can't think of a single one of the leftists I know who would hesitate to use the word "evil" for the Nazis. A lot of us might not buy the concept of Satan or some Lord of Darkness who personifies "evil," but we sure as hell know a bad seed when we see one.

And I am every bit as concerned about dumb white people in wealthy countries breeding like rabbits as I am about the countries we used to call the Third World. That doesn't mean we should not be concerned about population in the rest of the world. Just from a pragmatic point of view, the extra people born in a poor country are much more likely to starve than in the richer countries. I don't know how you can not be concerned about that. Consider the possibility that foreign aid etc. aimed at population control is an attempt to reduce suffering.
@38 I disagree. Overpopulation is a world concern but honestly I don't think there is solution, because you can't tell people they can't have children. China tried to do it in recent years and it really didn't work out.

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