Crime Jan 6, 2023 at 3:17 pm

Stolen Items Mostly Included Food and Toilet Paper

Scenes from a crime wave... SPD



So if you're poor its ok to shoplift? Got it. It's amazing but there are lots of poor people in this city and world who manage to get by everyday without resorting to theft. If their actions inflict trauma on the owner or other shoppers is that ok, as long as you're poor? Beyond that, is there any evidence these people were using these things for themselves and not selling/trading them for other items?

What about this guy? Remember him? Was he poor too?

None of these people are going to jail so that's hyperbole of the left but making them interact with the system might be a first step toward getting them to actually accept some help.


Two things can be true at once. Thieves are poor. Crime is bad for the community. Neither statement is the last word on the topic.

Also, beer, makeup? Cologne? Not really the stuff of a hunger defense.


A visual estimation of the dollar amount pilfered considering today's rate of inflation would help settle opinions, arguments, speculation, doubts, sin classification and is a key for making comparisons to the police new hires' bonuses.


The characteristics of a stolen item do not negate or lessen the seriousness of the crime of the crime or the culpability of the perpetrator.

True for Donald Trump and true for a shoplifter.

Moral clarity is wonderful.


@1 You are an idiot. He doesnt say its ok to steal if you are poor. He says that we should be less upset about shoplifting food and hygiene items and more upset about the fact that we live in a world where we spend money to harass people who dont have enough money for food and hygiene items.

Also who cares what they use that stuff for.

Yes its lame people steal stuff. But its more lame that we have people with multiple yachts and low effective tax rates. Its really not hard to understand if you arent a hateful simp.

Fucking idiot.


@5 the food bank is thataway, man


@5 Name calling never helps your argument sweetie!


There ARE jobs out there. There are also food stamps and food banks. There is NO need to steal. Why should you steal things that I pay for and I have to pay for your stealing on top of it?


@8 Let's take away your permanent address and phone number, and see how far you get in the job application process. For the bonus round, we'll give you a chronic mental illness and a criminal record of trespassing and minor property crime. Good luck!


@9: “….a chronic mental illnes….”

I’m sorry, exactly where in this headline post did Charles write that? Thefts of beer and cologne are ‘crimes of poverty,’ committed by helpless ‘victims of capitalism.’ Keep repeating that until you’re sure.

If the Stranger had wanted to cite “…chronic mental illness…” as a root cause of most homelessness in Seattle, they could’ve squeezed it in somewhere during the last 100,000 or so words they’ve published on this topic. They did not. Now, kindly shut up and stick to the program, lest you find yourself in Room 101 with stout comrades lovingly massaging the horrors of wrongthink into your kidneys with their virtuous rubber hoses.


@7 Doesnt hurt it either.

Do you think District13 and Dewey and their ilk are able to be persuaded by reason and gentle intention? They might be hateful and stupid which is just slightly worse then being naïve, sweetie. If only we were more thoughtful and polite to the proto fascists they would only see the error of their ways and come to the light....... do you know how stupid that sounds?

Comment sections on blogs are not for persuasive argument. They are for making people you dont like feel bad while attempting to feel like you are actually moving the needle when you arent. The blog itself is for persuasive argument you summer child you.


Human rights?
Property rights?
Human rights?
Property rights?


So hard to decide. So hard to choose.



Let's see you say HMMMM when they steal your stuff or jack your locks. Hmm? Or a merchant who has invested all they have in a business... and some jack ass steals and puts them and their family in peril.

It might be easier for you to choose, if you consider other people and not just the thief's situation.

Seattle must really lacks programs to assist the poor... free food, free housing, etc.... I mean only $175 million in this year's budget alone....on top of all the free stuff charities hand out each and every year.

I'm sorry, but if they are stealing, then lock them up.

Hmmm... so hard to decide.? Not really....quite simple actually.


Looking at the items stolen it’s obvious there’s some drug influence or mental illness. They need to drug test the arrested individuals to make those statistics though so I can’t speculate which one. I can bet none of the items were stolen because they were “in need of it but couldn’t afford it”. It’s easy to apply and get awarded food stamps for but the wait time can be 7-30 days, however there’s a food bank in every neighborhood, and most shelters offer hot meals. Stealing charmin toilet paper? That’s entitlement not poverty. You can easily get free toilet paper from any bathroom. Stealing cologne? Entitlement… stealing make up? Entitled…


@11 It really does hurt sweetie. When I see name calling I think the writer really doesn't have a valid argument.

The only ones that resort to name calling are the fucking idiots. It appears that is where you fall.

Do better please.


@11: "Do you think District13 and Dewey and their ilk are able to be persuaded by reason and gentle intention?"

Well, sure. The profanity spewed from ilk is simply disregard.


let's be dead honest and cut the shit. Food banks are underfunded themselves and only provide limited food and very rarely other non food items like toilet paper and you can ONLY buy food with EBT/SNAP/Food stamps. By the way,i swear all the fucking time,even in real life. here's a dose of reality:most public restrooms dont even have toilet paper thanks to the tweakers and drug addicts. as for those who think food stamps is a answer,Good luck wiping your ass with a sandwich or using a burrito as a tampon,you can't buy toiletries on food stamps,. I've been in several of their food bank lines for years,so I know from experience. Everything else requires CASH.


Good lifeline had 100,000 rolls of toilet paper donated to their food bank recently and the non profit said they are getting a continuous supply for the homeless. I’ve never seen the food bank empty before, but if they are having that problem it needs to be addressed and donations allocated. There’s also the dollar store you can get cheap toilet paper for a buck if you’re inclined to pay. They had issues with some people taking more than they needed and it left less for other people, but the volunteers are usually aware who’s doing that. If you talk to one of the social workers they will connect you with any resources you need.


@11: Well, to be fair, you can’t really expect other commenters here to demonstrate the same deep and sincere empathy towards the homeless as you displayed toward Asian grandparents, now can you?


Nobody at the Stranger has ever actually known a street junky, and it's pretty obvious they have no idea what's going on here. You deduce conclusions from pictures of one sting. Trust me, they are not stealing for their basic necessities unless you count their drug addiction.

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