I'm no expert on falun gong, but when I got the shen yun flyers I read up a bit. I'm surprised you don't mention the alleged organ harvesting. Is it because you're agnostic on the subject?


Still less toxic than $cientology, by the sounds of them. And at least you have to go to them, unlike the L Ron humpers showing up at any large even to spread their bullshit.


No mention of harvesting their bodies while incarcerated.


Really not good. Very repetitive. We left at intermission.


Totally agree about hostile aliens invading earth last century. How else do you explain processed food, dryer sheets, electric scooters and Facebook? Hostile aliens, duh.


That image of a woman posing and somehow flying through the air smiling is disturbing. I just can't get my head around how her legs are shaped under that flowing costume.
Just seems freaky PhotoShopped.
But I do want to fly in a staged pose like that, all over the city, smiling. Weeeeee!


How can the Stranger advertise for this hate group?!?!?! They are not just homophobic for Gods sake! They believe that LGBTQ people are less than animals. I find it appalling that very little research or thought went into this article before posting this. Shame on you. It like promoting a Mormon event and saying that they may not like gay people that much. Idiotic.


I wouldn't assume that filled seats were sold at full price. Or half price.


The argument is shaped like this " China Hates Falun Gong and China is bad so Falun Gong must be good". This is the message that this very rich and powerful religion wants you to spread. Falun Gong is homophobic, anti-evolutiion, and anti-race mixing. Yes, the Chinese Government does bad things, and yes, Shen Yun is a church pagent for bigoted cult that intentionally misrepresents this show as "traditional culture" to sell to Westerners.


Shen Yun memes are everywhere. And they are HILAROUS. Because those ads are unavoidable.

But yeah, I'll pass. The Chinese Government is horrendous in its treatment of religious minorities, but Falun Gong is really out there and reactionary (in the old Commie meaning of that word).


The Shen Yun promoters are relentless and completely unprofessional: You can be sure that they will be touting this taken-out-of-context quote in their ubiquitous marketing, shortly:
"A stunningly gorgeous dance explosion driven by classical Chinese movement. Highly skilled athletic dancers perform before a giant screen that transports you to Imperial Chinese palaces, heavenly heights, and glorious color fields!" --Rich Smith, The Stranger

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