Wow...what a way to go.


I learned to drive on janky old cars from the 70s. While new cars handle better and are safer in nearly every way, I really did have to get used to the idea of being so insulated from the outside—terrified I was going hit something I just couldn't sense. I still drive with the windows down whenever I can.

Hope the elephant is ok. That must have hurt like hell.


My dog certainly understands I am separate from my car, and that my car is not a living thing. And elephants are pretty smart. So yeah, option 2 is definitely possible.


Hey if I was that elephant I would have done the same thing. Human beings continue to believe they are the center of the universe. I totally appreciate it when nature claps back.


And Jumbo the elephant was killed by a train in Canada.
Which must say something deep and meaningful about trains.
And Canadians.
Definitely Canadian trains.


If this happened in America, the elephant would have been shot immediately like harambe.


The Koch Car of the future will be large enough to walk over other cars (and any "giant" pick-ups) in its way. Be NICE to me it'll say with it's Occupants quitely cruising in the very lap of Luxury, indifferent to the screams and despoilation of the Planet and its 6.75 billion Occupants.

Perhaps they'll make a Pet of an elephant, some day.


7 the only problem with Harambe is that in post-America America there was no direct mention in a textbook of a gorilla attempting to throw your child back to you.

So fell Harambe.


Wanna pretend to be a whale? Let’s see it.

Operation Lungfish is a go.



Just like Kevlar Kostner in H20 World?


Did the elephant really turn around and stomp the engine compartment and then the passenger compartment? Or did it just get its rear legs knocked out from under it so it sat down on both the passenger and engine compartment?

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