What Are You THINKIN'?


Next time who ever wrote this might want to maybe see something with Mandy Patinkin in it.
Every 30 days, Netflix drains my bank account by 14.99. Every 30 days I wait for something worth 14.99. Every 30 days I am disappointed.
You're aware that it's an optional service, right?
Homeland? Really? Are people jot familiar with "The Princess Bride" or "Ragtime"? Well I guess we are talking about non compos mentis.
BitTorrent? Peer-to-peer with strangers?! She's probably spreading viruses to all of her friends and acquaintances. Not quite a slut... but maybe. Lol, her stealing opens her computer up to malware like you wouldn't believe. And she deserves that. But note to self, don't strike up conversations with an international star of your magnitude no matter how much my heart flutters in their presence....
@4, nope, Homeland first season was absolutely amazing in all categories. Writing, Directing, Acting. Wow. However, Chicago Hope has my heart. It had a heart. And if Mandy Patinkin is the subject, it was his best role. The Princess Bride has been redone too many times and Ragtime? I'll have to google that.... As for his music, that's a surprise to me. Seems like I heard about it before maybe. Sounds like he will be a treat for the Seattle stage!