Department of Columns Jun 29, 2016 at 4:00 am

You're Wrong About That: Fireworks Edition!


great list ! Seems kinda anti-bro but thanks for sharing
When will the Stranger say something nice about bros? Think of the bros. #poorbros
More ducking cliche
F C-G, you think about fireworks, A LOT!
F C-G, I'm sorry no one wants to make out with you on a blanket as fireworks explode in the sky overhead.
"Fireworks: They're not for smug liberal assholes who can't wait to tell you they don't own a TV or how important Fair Trade coffee is"
Yawn. Written by a bot I hope.
How come we never have fireworks and the Blue Angeles at the same time?
@7: I can't even tell if it's metasatire.
9 dear, we used to *almost* have that. For a while there, the Seafair Air Show used to have a nighttime fireworks show, which was wonderful. I delight in the Air Show (mostly because I enjoy the irritation it causes certain Seattleites when they are confronted with one of the remnants of the "old Seattle" they are always gushing on about) but I would gladly give it up if they would bring the fireworks show back.
@sportlandia YES! YOU should get your own column! Then maybe there would finally be a Stranger piece good for something besides housebreaking a puppy!

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