Do you just use The Stranger's "Cheat Sheet" instead of informing yourself on the issues? -> No, you shouldn't vote! And don't worry, no matter what they say, it doesn't make you a "Republican". Fighting Homelessness by making more Homeless people through never-ending regressive property tax increases, Making the waterfront nicer for rich people while denying the view to people who won't get to go in the pricey new real estate, and skipping over the hand picked replacement of the ballsy-but-retiring State Treasurer, who just came out for a progressive income tax and getting rid of the other ones because WA is The Most Regressive In The Land, in favor of a guy who voted to allow payday loan sharks to charge higher interest rates is just fucking stupid.
Stranger = hater.
You are to blame for everything. Not "Wall Street". Not corporations. YOU P.S.

wow, blaming folks for being disenfranchised from politics in America is such a progressive thing to do. This is a new low.
@3 no one was disenfranchised. turnout was at an all time low precisely because lazy fuckers couldn't be bothered to care about important races. the electorate should rightly be ashamed.
@4 "no one was disenfranchised"

People feeling powerless to affect change (like voting for Obama and getting more of the same pro-corporate policies) is disenfranchising. People being fed mindless drivel rather than exposes on issues is disenfranchising. etc
3 elections is a bit much. 5 in a single calendar year is a galling waste of time, energy and money. That we had a special election and a non-binding presidential primary that didn't change a single delegate allocation in consecutive months is ludicrous.
*are* a bit much.

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