It's not corruption. It's Dow's prerogative, or anyone, or any individual plaintiff to litigate any matter.
This story was in Saturday's Wall Street Journal.
Amen, brother. Spot on.
@1...Scalia was corrupt. He would have 'fixed' a corporate win.
Mr. Mudede, I offer up a recognition that you were right. Today, after over ten years of silence, Clarence Thomas asked a question during a hearing of the SCOTUS. You were right: now that Scalia is gone, Thomas is waking up and being his own... man.

And Ride With The Devil is still a great movie. I love the gambling scene in the camp where Roedel and Holt realize together that they're on the wrong side.
Great job blocking Obama's Supreme Court appointment, Republicans in Congress! If you can keep it up for a whole year and prevent Obama from installing a moderately conservative compromise candidate, the absence of a ninth judge will put pressure on rapacious corporations to pay out huge settlements on class action suits. Good strategy! That is what you intended, right? Right? Uh...hello?

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