The Superbowl itself is a grand culmination of Socialism into one big shiny symbol.
All the school institutions, programs, and government subsidies that enable such highly specified athletes to emerge are pure socialism. Americans love socialism!


The United States is both a capitalist and a socialist country. One oil, one vinegar, but whisked together the result is delicious.


Charles, there's been a ton of reporting on the local residential rental market this week. Are you all done sharing your economic predictions on our housing market, or can we expect to hear from you on this?


4 - Wow you are desperate for attention.


Why don't "socialists" ever know what socialism is?

Is that ignorance why they are "socialists?"

Or is it because they need to use capitalist countries with welfare programs as examples of "socialism" because socialism has always been an abject failure as a dominant economic mode?


Charles got publicly clocked by right-wing nut job Ben Shapiro at a town hall here in Seattle. Ben can anyone take Charles seriously about anything?

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