Economy Aug 5, 2022 at 4:44 pm

The Blockbuster Jobs Report Made It Clear The GOP Needs a Another Monster to Scare Voters

Damn. That job report done put us out of work. ianmcdonnell/Getty Images



Marx's whole shtick, is like fuckin teleological, man.


Marx was a Racist and should be Cancelled.


No one cares about RvW when they can’t afford to feed and house themselves - but hey- let’s ask a homeless person what they think…it’s not like there aren’t plenty of them around. Until then me when the price of food and housing go down because it’s probably going to be a red wave 👋🏾 to democrats over the next couple of years- unless Pelosi starts WWIII first.


@3 The price of food and housing is why the younger generations are moving to the left. Struggling with food or rent is why I think it should be a capital crime who be worth over $999M or to own more that 10Ksqft of residential property. Beautify Seattle: hang a landlord!


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