The August 1 edition of The Stranger included a pop quiz called "Ice or ICE or ISIS?" Each of those things had to be matched to a descriptor like "Chops heads off" or "Took out the Titanic, an Air Florida Boeing 727, and Natasha Richardson." A Stranger reader named Bruce wrote in to complain about the accuracy of our quiz. Subject line: "Incorrect facts." With reference to the 1982 Air Florida plane that had ice on its wings at takeoff because it had not been deiced again after waiting on a tarmac, and then lifted off, crashed into a bridge, and destroyed a few cars before plunging into the icy Potomac River, Bruce wrote that it was "a 737, not a 727." Bruce added, "Simple details like this should be gotten correct (so easy to check online)." When an editor followed up to explain the typo and ask what other facts we got wrong, Bruce replied, "That was the only one that 'jumped out at me.'" In which case, the e-mail subject line should have read "Incorrect fact" not "Incorrect facts." Simple details like this should be gotten correct, Bruce.