Johnny Sampson

"Your reference to sexual justice by getting your pussy stoned is a strange and sad revelation of where your head is buried," began a recent letter to the editor. "Is this just a blue state thing or what... It's a shame that you have to bring feminism into the bedroom now because you don't know what the fuck you are talking about... Most men pleasure their women first and are not cavemen who just want to shoot load[s] all over the walls, furniture, and ceiling fan and if they get off in your pussy well that's just a lucky shot that didn't miss the pot... Your attitude is primitive and archaic, it's 2019 so drop the feminist isolationist segregation crap and maybe you might finally find that guy who will give you 4, 5, 6, or 9 incredible orgasms that will blow your fucking mind, like a lot of women have. Why you think you can judge men is beyond me. I can't believe in 2019 a commercial magazine would print such a sexist discriminating article." The letter-writer did not include a headline or a link. No one on staff has any idea what article he's referring to.