Recently, the Drudge Report linked to a Slog post by Charles Mudede about Venezuela, sending 178,505 new readers to The Stranger's website on one day alone. "I have just extensively reviewed your site and its articles," one outraged individual wrote to us. "You guys are a Communist digital Rag! Everything you said and every article posted was one falsehood after another. You're a propaganda organ for all the Leftist beliefs and myths. Like, briefly: Climate 'science.' It's JUNK SCIENCE with no basis in fact and there are 1000s of Climate Scientists that have said exactly that. You don't know that? Because they cannot get any hearing in the controlled media. Do some fucking journalism and then present the other side of this argument. Oh, you can't? Because they are climate deniers?! Which is the new Leftist line. No debate allowed. That's Leftist fascism... Never mind that EVERY SINGLE forecast by climate hysterics has been totally utterly wrong." On and on it goes. Hey, Jay Inslee, are you up? Can you take this? Are you even there?