Editor's Note

It is urgent we correct the record about chocolate popcorn.



You’re out of your fucking mind if you think that chocolate popcorn tastes good. Every time I go to the Cinerama I fall for that trap because it smells great in theory but never lives up to the taste.


I tried doing a side job with Postmates (total scam unless you are a slacker!) I got a run for CInerama chocolate popcorn. Douche lived exactly one block away and came out fully clothed. I digress. I took a few of the pop corns. They were fucking delicious. Guy didn't even tip. But those chocolate popcorns.......


Chocolate popcorn is an abomination. This is fact.


3 agreed in fact they should call that stuff Dingle Berries for the way it comes out of your ass.


@2 Not a scam if you want to get paid to ride your bike for an hour a day instead of paying to go to a gym.