Johnny Sampson

For nearly 15 years, The Stranger—against logic and aesthetics—has printed the word representing the musical genre distinguished by rapping, DJing, breakdancing, and graffiti as "hiphop." Why, many a music staffer and freelance writer wondered. Because it was former My Philosophy columnist and esteemed hip-hop commentator Larry Mizell Jr.'s preference. With all due respect to that great critic, "hiphop" looks funny—and not in a good way. Matter of fact, one of our staffers can't help pronouncing it in his head as "hiffop." Record-scratch sound. But, finally, in May 2019, The Stranger's copy chief, Gillian Anderson, under gentle pressure from newest and youngest staff writer Jasmyne Keimig, and with an assist from Merriam-Webster and the New York Times, decided that in a world rife with chaos, we needed to unite on at least one important issue: "hip-hop" deserves a goddamn hyphen. Our long, unhyphenated nightmare is over. Boo-ya!