Johnny Sampson

One response to our 2019 Queer Issue came from a commenter named Sloopy, who wrote: "I guess having a male/female couple on the cover of the Pride (or 'queer') issue is progress? I'm sure they are both nice people who have overcome things. But I'm a little bored with straight people who want to be edgy calling themselves queer and taking over gay pride... I appreciate your support, but you didn't get beat up for being obviously gay or lesbian. It wasn't an optional fashion or lifestyle statement for some of us." Hey, Sloopy, we get that you need some attention, and are yourself trying to be edgy, but where did you get that Ms. Briq House is "straight"? She identifies as queer, as discussed in the piece. Just because she agreed to be photographed by Steven Miller while dominating a white guy in a Trump tie doesn't mean she's not queer. Before you do your "I'm more oppressed than you" shtick, do your homework. Check out her Instagram. Check out her show. Ms. Briq House has sex with a variety of genders. Whatever else you want to call that, it isn't straight.