Editor's Note Jul 3, 2019 at 4:00 am

Your cover star isn't queer enough for the Queer Issue.

Johnny Sampson



Ms. Briq House may indeed be queer as fuck, but Sloopy has a point. Covers are about optics, irrespective of context or backstory -- and a male-female couple on the cover of an issue dedicated to LGBTQ Pride, while not an unforgivable sin, is not the best possible look. It would have been better saved for the Sex issue.


Apparently trashy white men show up in the gay community, too.


What #1 said. The editor almost sounds like a dismissive conservative commenter in this post with this “oppression olympics” b.s. The optics of the cover were an odd choice and there is nothing wrong with Sloopy pointing that out. The harsh response was unnecessary.

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