Johnny Sampson

In the July 3 issue of The Stranger, we published the results of our 2019 sex survey, which included asking readers to rank the Democratic candidates' fuckablity. The reaction from readers ran the gamut from "Where's Tulsi?" to "Where is Tulsi Gabbard?" to "What? Tulsi not even part of the sex survey—I see discrimination." One reader wrote in the comments: "The candidate fuckability poll needs to be thrown out for a fundamental flaw. Whatever you think of her policies or positions, the fact that Tulsi Gabbard wasn't even available as an option to pick is utterly ridiculous." One reader wrote on Twitter: "This is flawed. Did NO ONE see Tulsi in the debates? She may not be the preferred candidate of the majority, but daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang she is smokin' hot, especially with the gray streaks in her hair." Editors at The Stranger did watch the debates (which aired after our poll was conducted), and we were instantly crippled by the awareness that Tulsi Gabbard should have been included in the survey. We'd always just thought of her as that Hawaiian who hates gay people. Our bad! We stand corrected, we apologize for the oversight, and we regret the error.