Editor's Note

The Tulsi Gabbard sex-survey controversy.



Confidential to the editor: Hawaiian is an ethnicity. Tulsi grew up/lives in Hawaii but she is not Hawaiian.


"gay hating"

Another Agency talking point with no connection to reality.
It's all about the wars.
Let's hope more and more gay people denounce and disavow these enemies of all humanity.


You state that you knew her as "that gay hating" politician without clarifying that she is endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign, the largest advocate in the country for the LGBT community, and she has a 100% rating from them on the legislature from Congress. She is a member of the Congressional LGBT Caucus, and has advocated for LGBT housing and privacy rights, as well as condemning harassment in schools. I guess one shouldn't expect an exorbitant amount of research for those responsible for a 'fuckability' survey but, like, WTF?! All I can wonder is whether this was an intentional smear or just poorly informed 'journalism'.


You guys have long memories and no forgiveness genes. Just like what you said about Heidi Wills, who made a mistake with Colocurcio 20 years ago and has regretted it ever since.


hates gay people? she has a 100% A rating with HRC, maybe change some of your sources, check out Jimmy Dore on youtube for one.


Look at that crack team of social media monitors move into action! And journalism in scare quotes?! That has got to hurt.