It has come to our attention that when there is an ad covering up a portion of the printed cover of The Stranger, readers don't know where to find the cover without the ad. Guys, it's ON THE VERY NEXT PAGE. That's right—just turn the page! The full cover! No ad! Magic! Speaking of things that should be obvious but apparently cause enormous confusion: The Stranger is a free publication, and the costs to produce it are paid for by advertisers that place their ads adjacent to our editorial content (including on that outer cover). In an endorsements issue like this one, all kinds of candidates and political groups want to place ads next to our editorial content, including candidates and groups that disagree with our writers. We could not employ writers, research the issues, interview the candidates, etc. if we accepted ads only from candidates and political groups our writers agreed with. Editorial and advertising are separate departments. So if you're about to send us an e-mail ("Do you REALIZE you have an ad for XYZ when you didn't endorse XYZ!?!?"), um... save yourself some time. We know.