"Would you just please give the explicit sex-talk a rest!?" wrote Kathleen M. in a recent letter to the editor. She was complaining about an article entitled "How to Eat Pussy," written by a woman, which appeared in our recent issue of advice for college students. "Why are you constantly conditioning Seattle readers to regard explicit sexual talk as acceptable and normal?" she went on. "Are you trying to make Seattle a safe place for sexual predators to harass vulnerable teenagers now?!!" The answer to that question is no, we're not trying to do that. What we are trying to do is make Seattle a safe space for women to have the kind of orgasms that make their face go numb and their teeth fall out. Kathleen M. said she was concerned that some hypothetical creep would read the aforementioned article aloud on a city bus, making a hypothetical girl hypothetically uncomfortable. While this is hypothetically possible, we've published Dan Savage's column since 1991 (why only complain when a woman writes about sex?). Also, we've never seen anyone reading sexually explicit material aloud on the city bus. Why would you, when you could just watch porn on your iPhone?