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Osteopaths and their outrage.

Johnny Sampson



Unlike Homeopathy - which is complete bullshit, Osteopaths operate from a premise which is only partial bullshit (kinda' like Naturopaths, but different).


Osteopaths are witches.


dictionary.com: a physician who practices osteopathy

[trained in manipulative approaches of muscles and bones]

the Doctor of Osteopathy - offered by accredited medical schools

I would trust an osteopath as much as an MD: they are trained in evidence based medicine and evidence based alternatives, open to other approaches but with all the rigor of MD curriculum and also all the prescription authority of an MD for conventional pharmaceuticals.


Yeah, this partial walkbalk is pretty weany and mealy, and I say that as an MD myself. Osteopaths are physicians. Their degree is sufficiently rigorous and evidence-based that they can go to conventional residency programs just like MDs. Your neurologist or surgeon or internist might be a DO. And yes, this osteopath may have been horrendous, but so are some MDs.

Next time, own up on the mistake, rather than giving a self-righteous "apology" that makes it look like not only do you suck at fact-checking, but you're arrogant about it to boot.


Doctor Mike from youtube is a hottie. He could be my doctor.


My sister is a DO. She's also in year 4 of a surgery residency. Pretty sure she's a "real" doctor in every way that matters.


Why don't you own up to your ignorance and run a simple correction about your false statement about Osteopaths? They are licensed physicians and damn good ones. Their training today is very much like a standard medical school and they are board certified in specialities such as surgery. They do residences in hospitals with the same responsibilities and privileges as MDs. Hey, when you are wrong just say so with trying to be cute. Here's a link to an osteopathic school where you can check out their curriculum and dedication to quality care. https://www.pnwu.edu


DOs are really more off-brand MDs at this point, as opposed to NDs (Naturopaths) whose practice generally still contains a fair bit a quackery.

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