In the November 20 issue of The Stranger, we published a piece by Nathalie Graham about the youthful newly elected Seattle City Council. Andrew Lewis, who will represent District 7, is 29 years old and the youngest elected council member in Seattle history. In fact, there will be only one baby boomer left on the city council, 60-year-old Debora Juarez. "So if you're going to make any 'OK, boomer' jokes at anyone on the council, it better be Juarez," Graham wrote. The online version of the story was headlined "Andrew Lewis Is the Youngest Seattle City Council Member in History." But in print, we needed a shorter headline, so we went with "Not OK, Boomer," which was apparently... not okay. "No one disputes the need for change and a new generation of leadership. But your print headline, 'Not OK, Boomer,' was pure hate, and unrelated to the heart of the story," a reader named John wrote in by e-mail. He added, "We get enough disrespect on the street, on the bus, and in the job market without this kind of gratuitous s**t." OK, boomer.