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Boomer not OK with recent headline in The Stranger

Johnny Sampson



As a Gen-Xer, I believe I am well-positioned to adjudicate this matter:

Millenials: quit being such overconfident, self-righteousness, whiny little twats.


The thing that all of you are missing, because you're all very old, is that "OK, boomer" wasn't thought up by millennials. It's a Gen Z thing and I guarantee you the teens don't care what you think.


Wow, is this what ya'll really want to double down on? Generational teasing is all well and good, but this level of dismissiveness is straight up hateful.

Also, what @3 said.


@3 FTW


OK, whiner


"We need a hilarious two-word dismissal that can be used to encourage younger people to ignore the concerns of the enormous cohort of Americans who are reaching old age without adequate retirement savings or health insurance. Something that makes callous cruelty to the elderly seem hip and edgy."

"Ok, Boomer."

"It's perfect! I'll instruct our bots to begin disseminating this at once."


After several discussions with Millennials, something became clear to me. Some of them think everyone over 45 is a Boomer. They're unaware that there is a generation and a half between themselves and the actual Baby Boomer generation.

As for all you real Boomers old enough to remember, "Never trust anyone over 30," was the often repeated battle cry of 1960s young people, meant to piss off their parents' generation, just as "OK, Boomer." is.

Laugh it off. They'll grow up soon enough, just as we all did.


It's real rich that, after years and years of boomers blaming millennials for being terrible lazy narcissists, suddenly dismissing someone's opinion based on their generation is "hateful." I'll buy it when I see the first boomer apologize for dismissing a millennial, but I won't hold my breath.


As others mentioned, this was not exactly an objectively unfavorable report. There were other viable options in the report, as well as option left out, but no one of course at the city mentions them. The got the cover they needed after they gave the ISP incumbents what they wanted. It seems clear from their comments in the media, that the Mayor's office and high level staff is not committed to Muni BB as the only real competition to ISP incumbents in the City of Seattle. The risks here are actually overstated, and anyone who reads that report in it's entirely and has been paying close attention to this for longer than the current city administration should understand how the market is evolving to dramatically reduce that risk. Muni Broadband was only dangled as a weak threat to leverage the negotiations with the incumbents. This was empty rhetoric with was nothing serious to back it up. $180K for a study that they rewrote so they could cherry pick it to sound responsible. Unless the city council steps in in a big way now, and that includes any of the current candidates after the election, it's as good as dead, again in this city. Bow to your ISP oligopoly overloards...

What the city is also not telling you, is we lost a lower cost option to use the City's dark fiber because of McGinn's and the Councils approval to lease all the excess to private corporations for their exclusive use. We have a mayor who does not bat an eyelash at a 900 million plus transporation levy, a record high Parks levy with no accountablity, and who designates his department heads to take the flack for his own incompetence, pandering, and fear.

That no one can bring themsleves to devote up to 50 percent of bonding capacity and make serious efforts for state and federal economic development federal grants in lieu of direct taxation for someting that has a cost benefit far beyond that is classic neoliberalism. This is not really all about the money. This is course disguised as prudent caution and playing the role of the "serious" admistrator on this issue. They are all amaeturs. We have a bunch of feckless, dullard, uncreative servants of the incumbent ISP's masquarading as serious people. This is the Nickles administration all over again.

Speak up Mayor Murray, and prove me wrong.


@10 This is all petty crap to avoid addressing the issues and blaming an entire, very large generation for the conduct of a few. Boomers have and continue to eat their own too. In fact, the majority of boomers are not all that well off, lost a lot, suffered unemployment because of other boomers, and don't have time to start over. For some the third or forth time.

Next time you want to diss a boomer, remember that some members of all the younger generations, especially the Millienials, are also perpetuating the very BS you rightfully distain. So, don't forget that person you went to High School with that is now an investment banker or an owned local government official. Especially if they have been there long enough to survive their first term.

Now get off my lawn-- it shows a lot more green than the money I can count on in the future. It's been colonized by ants already...


Ignore #14-- old post that somehow got put there when I tried to post #15.


Ok Snowflake. Wait, did that trigger you? Let me get you a participation trophy.... ;)

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