A recent blog post about the English bulldog that won best in show at the National Dog Show inspired many incensed e-mails, possibly because staff writer Katie Herzog (because of course it was Herzog) chose the headline "Genetic Freak Wins National Dog Show." Considering these smoosh-faced creatures bred for human amusement can barely breathe, in addition to having lots of other health issues, Herzog is obviously correct, but bulldog lovers were not pleased. One e-mail (sic throughout) read: "Attn Ms Kherzog I'm so very disappointed in the WASHINGTON POST. I thought they had reputable journalist. Clearly you are not and the Washington Post has lowered their standards Sent from my iPhone Thersea." (Dear Thersea: Are you having a stroke?) Another e-mail: "Your moms a hoe because you think all bulldogs are freaks. I bet you get called a freak a lot for being a lesbian. I am not gay shaming. You are just a sad person to judge a damn dog that you've never owned. The dog is prettier than you so maybe youre jealous?? Either way it dont need to be a twat. DO NOT REPLY AS I WONT ANSWER." Herzog replied that her mom is not a hoe, she's more of a shovel.