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What Lester Black was up to while someone pretended to be him.



What was Lester doing while pretending to be a journalist?


Lester, you never call! Did we not have something special that night? I went to your office for answers and some imposter was there.


I've asked this before-what, exactly, are the "Proud Boys" proud OF? If they're all violent, self-pitying white supremacist "Christian" paranoiacs-and they are-it's unlikely that any of them have any significant personal achievements-or, for that matter, any reason to think anybody else cares enough about their existence to even bother inflicting the persecution they imagine themselves to be experiencing.


@3 the Proud Boys take their name from a song added for Aladdin to sing in the stage play. The founder saw it, thought Aladdin's Proud Boy song was speaking to him directly & named his organization after the song.