Given the unbelievable clusterfuck of the Iowa caucus, it is worth noting that Washington State will not be holding a caucus this year. Instead, on March 10, we will have a primary. While some Washingtonians may miss getting up early on a Saturday, lining up around a crumbling elementary school, shuffling through the doors, and standing around for hours sweating and listening and trying to talk to people who have apparently never talked to another human being before—and that's putting it nicely—others of us are perfectly happy, if not thrilled, if not fucking elated, that the antiquated, inaccessible-for-many, weirdly undemocratic process is behind us. This year, you will make your selection in the privacy of your own home. You will do it by mail. You can do it naked if you want. You will not have to interact with that racist neighbor who posts weird crap on Nextdoor. You will not have to talk to that barista you were supposed to go on a date with before they ghosted you. If you want to know how we're going to vote: The Stranger's endorsement will appear on the cover of our next issue.