An editor at The Stranger has been loudly complaining about how much he loves the Amazon Go Grocery store. This editor used to work at a bookstore, many years ago, and he resents what Amazon has done to traditional retail and independent businesses. But he has also worked on Capitol Hill for almost two decades, a neighborhood where it used to be easy to find lunch for $8, where it's now hard to find lunch for less than $20. When this editor visited the full-sized Amazon Go Grocery that just opened on Pike Street, blocks from The Stranger's office, he walked in highly suspicious, ready to hate it. But there on the shelf was his ideal version of lunch: a balanced meal of salmon with veggies and carbs, for $8.99. To buy it, he just grabbed it and walked out. No lines to wait in. No self-checkout machines full of coronavirus- covered surfaces. Surely the almost sci-fi experience was powered by Orwellian surveillance technology. Surely other businesses can't compete with a grocery store that has no labor costs. Ashamed and horrified, he walked back to the office with his meal, thinking, "Fuck me, I love Amazon Go Grocery."