Editor's Note Mar 11, 2020 at 4:00 am

Fuck me, I love Amazon Go Grocery.




"But there on the shelf was his ideal version of lunch: a balanced meal of salmon with veggies and carbs, for $8.99. To buy it, he just grabbed it and walked out."

Good. Then this ole dog won't
hafta learn any New damn Tricks.
Thanks, Jeff! Love your Balls!

btw -- when're ya gonna give me a TeeVee Station?
am I just gonna hafta Grab one, and Go™?



What if I've (somehow) (O, the PANIC) yet agaiin left my wallet/phone on the bureau? Didja ever think a' that? Didja? When are we (Amazon Primals©) gonna get The Chip®? And Never leave Home with 'Em!™?

Can't wait (still)!


@2: Then you just go somewhere else. Duh.

Love how you try to grasp obscure exceptions in your quest of cancel culturing.


I had a similar relationship with their Go stores. Wanted to hate them, talked trash, then popped in and was immediately converted by how cheap and easy and NOT WALGREENS it is.

What are people's privacy concerns? Do people not realize how club cards at other stores work? For that matter, their credit cards? My only ethical hangup was the loss of cashier jobs, but honestly—and I'm saying this as a former union cashier—lack of checkout lines is 80% of what these places have going for them.

(Also, and promise I'm not a shill, but you can look up what the store has in stock in real time so you don't waste a trip.)

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