The big question I have spent the election season pondering is: what are my moderate-right parents going to do? They are, for lack of a better term, McCain Republicans, the paleocons who sincerely believe in small gov’ lower taxes claptrap, have never given things like social issues or abortion a second of thought in their lives, and are apparently idiots about foreign policy.

I’ve heard these two rationalize how “both parties are mostly the same” and “Democrats do the same thing” every time a GOP asshole comes down the chute. I think/hope this will be the election that keeps them home on the big night. But I’m not sure.

Anyway, to someone of that bent, an ad like this could speak to them. My mother, at least.
Reaction to progressive brown shirts in Chicago put Trump over 50% in a national poll for the first time today. Interesting...
It's called SELF-RELIANCE, Dan. The absolute right not to give a fuck about anybody but yourself is the principle upon which this great nation was founded! Why don't you support the troops?????
if only there were an organization that conservatives belonged to that told them that they should care about others, even strangers. maybe one where you go at least once a week in the morning.
Interesting that this video was put out by the deputy campaign manager for Mitt "Binders Full of Women" Romney.
@ 5, The fact that American Christianity is a right-wing ideology of greed and selfishness completely contrary to the actual teachings of Christianity, and that most adherents apparently see no contradiction between the two, is one of the greatest sociological and cultural mysteries of our nation.
This shit is funny as hell.
Freudian slip/typo in the first sentence...
One third of Americans are assholes. About 15% of Americans are HUGE assholes. Trump represents that group. He's leading their new party. The other 85% need to see these ads because (hold on to your hat) not that many people read the newspaper every day or even watch TV news, and so they don't know that much about this election. They're not assholes; they just don't tune in. Hence ads.

It's good for America to see the huge asshole demographic unvarnished by a mass-appeal party, with a true huge asshole leading them and voicing their fucked up ideas. For far too long we've pretended they don't exist, and carried on as if between 1 in 10 to 2 in 10 of us weren't shitting in the dining room a couple times a week. They are part of who we are. They probably won't go away soon.

They will never be in charge, but they are here. We need to talk about them. We need to face them.
"This isn't just a problem with Trump supporters specifically. It's a problem with conservatives generally. They care only about them and theirs. You and yours can go fuck yourselves."

That's exactly why the praise Nancy Reagan got for her work on alzheimer's funding frosted me so bad—as if there was the slightest chance in hell she would have given the slightest flying fuck about alzheimer's if Ronnie hadn't had it.
I have to imagine that many Americans still see Trump as the celebrity of the day. They know he's new and shiny and says crazy things, but may not have an idea of how truly dangerous and depraved he is. Anything - any ad, any TV talk show, any conversation - that gives context to his talk and offers some measure of his depravity is helpful. Assholes will still support him. With enough information the majority of Americans who aren't really assholes, just uniformed, may think twice.
It means that a national poll is showing majority support (not just plurality support) from his party for the first time. Did I imply it meant anything else? No.
It would make zero difference to Trump supporters if he nominated someone as equally batship crazy as Dennis Rodman as his veep. Absolutely nothing makes any difference to that 15% of assholes.
@13, I think that's how it often works. Someone or their family member falls ill with X disease, at which point they may get involved in the campaign seeking its cure.
A show on our tv last night, one of the station's US correspondents went driving around Florida. One of the men he interviewed, said he favoured Trump because he was a businessman.. No mention of the racist etc etc components.
You do understand the difference between plurality support within a party and majority support within a party and its significance to the nature of a nominating convention (open vs. closed) and the strength of a candidate... Right?

If events like those in Chicago galvanize party support for Trump earlier (rather than later or not at all) it makes him a stronger candidate with a louder voice instead of silencing him as intended.

It is interesting when the unintended consequences of actions run diametrically against the intended consequences.
Dan's assumption seems to be that all Trump voters are male, which isn't tooo far off, but is certainly not 100%. Women are voters too. They won't be reflecting on "women" in the abstract.

Some may be considering Trump. Some might not be any more.
I read on my FB feed, that Trump was getting lined up to be arrested, for inciting violence. This is no longer the Wild West.
I'm not sure the ad is supposed to convince trump supporters to abandon him, although it might. I think it's important to get out the vote from everyone else.

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