You know what they say, "You couldn't make this shit up if you tried."
did you want them to be experienced neo-cons? NYT was saying today that they haven't even met with Drumpf yet.
OTOH most of us haven't gotten a Christmas card from Hillary Clinton's good friend Henry Kissinger either.
I guess this is the last straw for the "Trump is an idiot but I like him because I hate blacks and women so much" vote. They were willing to go along with craptacular economic policy and mismanaged government if it meant a little more discrimination. But not if it means an inane foreign policy! No sir.

For some of them. Others are good with it, because, whatever.
Webster's dad seemed so mellow in the 80's.
He doesn't want to BE President, he wants to WIN the election. He's a winner, not a doer.
To be fair to the creepy German dude, von Steuben was one of the most influential officers in the Continental Army, and had trained the army in Valley Forge. His manual on drill procedures is still studied today. Slog readers can take heart in that he was widely rumored to be gay, having left Europe in disgrace, never marrying, and having male aides take care of him in his old age.

TLDR; He saved America, and he was a homo in the 1700s.
They're more like something out of a graphic novel, with Drumpf being the arch-villain.
If you haven't heard of "the Lebanese Forces", just read it as "Phalangists". And foremost among the "atrocities" they committed was the massacre at Sabra and Shatila.

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