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Terry Miller, our in-the-tank-for-Hillz cupcake correspondent, writes...

It's 8AM and what am I doing?!! Participating in the #CupcakeCaucus! Go to @cupcakeroyale today through tomorrow and vote with your mouth! (Don't worry! There are Bernie cupcakes too!) $1 from every cupcake sold goes to the DNC to help elect those important down-ticket candidates this November. A great way to show your support for your candidate, the DNC, and make your friend's tummies happy! (Hillary Clinton is already up a few cupcakes...)

This puts local #BernieOrBust idiots in a tight spot: Do nothing and let Hillary win the Cupcake Caucus or go buy up all the Bernie cupcakes and win the Cupcake Caucus for Bernie... and enjoy those delicious Cupcake Royale cupcakes... even though it means donating some of your money to the DNC... which will turn around spend your money helping to elect the Democratic nominee this November... delicious cupcakes... and the Democratic nominee might not be Bernie... cupcakes... so your $1 could help to elect Shrillary Clinton!

Full disclosure: This Terry Miller person is mah huzzzzben.

UPDATE: I made some caucus cupcakes for people like me...


...because people who are for Hillary or Bernie or both need carbs too.