Now you racist will have another bill to avoid as much as possible (just like the $5).
Dear Racists:

I realize you have an instinctual hatred of this change to our sacred national currency and so I encourage you to express your displeasure in the strongest terms possible. When the new $20 bills go into circulation, I suggest you publicly burn any you receive as an act of defiance against those big gubbamint tax-and-spend libruls in D.C. That'll show 'em!
@1 I've never hoped someone was a troll more than right now. Please please tell me you are not seriously calling human beings private property and trying to call her out for spying ON THE CONFEDERACY during the Civil War.
Who the fuck is Alexander Jackson?
That idiotic comment about the $2 bill made me curious about who they think deserves to be bumped more than 'ol Illiterate Andy. Jefferson's on the 2.
@7: Maybe he's mixing up Hamilton ($10) and Jackson ($20)?
You do realize that publishing opinions of said idiots kind of indicates you DO care about their opinions, right? If this piece was supposed to be irony, I missed it.
I personally think it's terrible that they are taking Nancy Reagan off the $20 bill, but I suppose that's what you have to expect when you die.
Speaking of a "never-ending source of words, often assembled into sentences," your own never-ending source of words, often assembled into sentences (Chuck Mudede) doesn't want her on the $20 either.…
"Alexander Jackson"? How does Matt Baume still have this job?
Holy fuck, how did I miss the "Alexander Jackson" error? That's funny as hell.
Still better journalism than most things Ansel writes.
and neither does Jen Graves, @12. 'cause it's racist!

Yes, that was sarcasm. Check @1's comment history if you have any doubt.
"As you have surely heard by now, Harriet Tubman will be replacing Alexander Jackson on the $20." Thank god their not messing with Andrew Hamilton on the $10...

Wow that's funny (but sadly typical of what this rag has become). Real Pulitzer stuff there.
Sadly, Ben Carson is probably much more knowledgeable about politics than Matt Baume.
"Alexander Jackson"? How does Matt Baume still have this job?

I assume he's got compromising pictures of someone important. It's the only plausible explanation.

This one has a pretty good headline, and other than the name he doesn't actually get anything substantive wrong. So it's better than 90% of Matt Baume posts.
Of course, right-wing pols trying to get the gun-fetishist vote should be pushing to replace Alexander Hamilton with Aaron Burr on the ten-dollar bill.
Here's what it boils down to for me. I don't give a flying rat's ass about who's picture is on any bill. I only look at the denomination anyway. All I really care about is that the bill's not counterfeit.
If we had lost the War of 1812 then wouldn't slavery have been abolished in 1833 instead of 1865?
@5: I am expecting lots of bills being defaced with blackface, racist speech bubbles, pictures of watermelons, etc., and then put back into circulation. Which would put one in a strange position if they received one from an ATM or something.
@24......The money placed into ATM's is new money that has not yet been in circulation.
@25: Not Actually True.
How many twenties do you think Uncle Sam prints each year?

Ugh, I'd not even thought of that aspect of it yet. I can totally foresee it being awful and I wonder if it was factored in to the decision making process. That said, I'm not sure how receiving one of these bills would put me in any sort of a "strange position" as I'm not in any sort of position that would allow me to even consider voluntarily taking 20 dollar bills out of circulation for moral/ethical reasons.
Okay, okay, fixing "Alexander Jackson." You guys are so picky about your presidential nomenclature.
@27: I guess what I am saying is, do I just hand the black-faced Tubman bill to a black cashier and shrug and say "sorry ma'am, just how I got it?" At the very least I will probably be called a racist, and at worst possibly featured on outlets like The Stranger as the most racist person ever, or investigated for hate crimes.

I don't want to carry around racist ass dollars around with me. I guess I could take it to the bank and ask for a new one, except if the teller is nonwhite, I am in the same damn position.

To be clear, I am not saying "poor little me, whatever will I do," it just sounds like a real pain in the ass.
"Clinton tweeted about Harriet Tubman on the $20 a full hour before Bernie did." Is this important? Did Bernie lose a tweet-race? Does this make Bernie racist? Are Hillary's campaign managers fist-bumping and congratulating the Hillster on out-tweeting him?

You worry about the stupidest things.
@26.....I don't know how many $20's the government prints each year, presumably millions. Most of the money printed replaces older money that has been destroyed. Generally ATM's require very fresh crisp paper money to prevent a bill jamming in the dispensing mechanism; something more likely with used worn bills. Usually the ATM's are serviced and stocked by cash services companies who use new bills.

Seriously, relax. No bank is going to circulate currency defaced in such a manner, and even if a teller DID try to give you one, you can always ask them to replace it with a clean bill. Likewise, they'll probably check to ensure none end up in their ATM's. Furthermore, they'll probably have no problem with you trading one in just to get it out of circulation. And I can easily imagine many businesses that do cash transactions would refuse to accept them, since, contrary to what many may surmise, there is no law that stipulates one MUST accept currency as payment for a transaction, just because it's offered (which is why many businesses can legally refuse to accept high denomination bills, or require payment in other forms such as checks or credit cards). The only way such bills would remain in circulation is if people who deface them give them to others who approve of the alteration. So, basically, it'll be just another way for the rest of us to recognize bigots, because who else would insist on trying to pass these things off on someone else? I can imagine it may result in some additional cost to the U.S. Treasury in the short-term, but compared to printing them and taking the old bills out of circulation (which I also imagine will be a gradual process), it'll be a negligible amount.
@32: I'm just wondering, but have you ever actually gotten money from an ATM?
@34.......Yes I have gotten money from an ATM, many times; I also use the for checking account balances and transfers. Again, most of these ATM's are serviced by cash services companies. These companies provide actual cash to businesses that have large volumes of cash sales, primarily to have money for making change. This cash can used bills but generally is new bills. Because ATM's are intensely mechanical new bills are the preferred way to go to avoid jamming. That is not to say that one may will never get a circulated bill from one but it is a are occurrence. The servicing people load pre bundled packets of cash fresh from the Federal Reserve.

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