What next for supporter of Bernie Sanders?
What next for supporters of Bernie Sanders? a katz / Shutterstock.com

Kshama Sawant, Seattle's socialist city council member, and Mike McGinn, the anti-establishment Democrat and former mayor, argued this morning on Democracy Now! about where Bernie Sanders supporters should go from here, assuming Sanders cannot win the nomination. Watch:

Sawant has started a Movement4Bernie campaign encouraging Sanders to run as an independent; McGinn talks about Gore vs. Bush vs. Nader, says he'll vote for Clinton, and makes this salient point about his single term as Seattle mayor:

In office, I needed that pressure from the public in order to go where I wanted to go and to accomplish the things I wanted to accomplish. So does Kshama, and so will any elected official. So, it’s the movement that matters, ultimately, more than the elected officials.

I'm with McGinn on that. Sanders, for his part, plans to keep running until the Democratic convention and is calling on superdelegates to back him because, he says, he'll be the strongest opponent for Trump. Clinton's anti-Trump messaging since he became the Republican nominee has been pretty terrible, as Gawker points out today, betraying a fundamental misunderstanding of where voter sentiment is right now.