well, Trump dismissed it with a tweet disparaging how she looked ("not presidential"). next!

see, Hillary? facts don't matter anymore.
Spare me, Savage.
Whatsya man big bernard b gotta say about dirty don?
It feels so dirty coming from her - a through and through phony.
Dan Savage:

—but I believe my initial support of the Iraq invasion forever disqualifies me from holding forth on issues of national security.

Is this the end of that policy?
@6, Dan is a rich white guy..end of story
@6 And yet, I trust Dan Savage on foreign policy more than I trust Hillary Clinton because the former has demonstrated the ability to acknowledge and learn from past mistakes. The latter? Not so much.
Definitely the best speech she's given during the campaign, no question.

I see two problems:

1) Voters also don't want her making foreign policy decisions based on her disastrous record, which fueled the rise of both Obama and Sanders.

2) Voters of all political persuasions, especially independents, repeatedly have expressed that they want more isolationist policies on everything from trade agreements to military commitments.

Clinton is offering a bitter pill of more of the same to those voters. That's a high-risk strategy in a year in which voters all over the board are in open rebellion against the status quo.
@9 yep, Isolationism is the answer, sounds like a great policy, was really good thing we sat on the sidelines in 1938, disaster averted!
@ 10 That's just what the voters are telling pollsters, and it's easy to see that rampant globalization and military interventionism have created the dystopian hellscape that we're enjoying today.

@ 11 There you go again ; )
Didn't Obama appoint Hilary Secretary of State to make foreign policy decisions? And last I checked one of the reasons the majority of voters chose Hilary as the Democratic nominee was her experience in foreign policy? Apparently the majority of Democrats are pretty comfortable with it.

What, is Donald Trump five years old? Pathetic.
About bloody time Hillary.
@ 14, If the November election were a closed Democratic primary, then Clinton's poor judgement and appalling foreign policy failures w/r/t Iraq, Libya, and Syria, as well as her support for odious trade agreements that've eviscerated the middle class wouldn't be an issue apparently.
Trump's tweet. #winning
@5, @15 Absofuckinglutely! This is the speech I've been waiting for. It was awesome.

After the speech, though, a thoughtful, serious speech on a dire issue facing this nation, she broke out that enormous gleeful smile that she's developed for this campaign. It looked so out of place. I want to see more of the thoughtful, serious Hillary, whether she's kicking Drumpf's ass or cutting ribbons opening new highways. That new macro-smile thing has got to go. I can see how it might creep out some potential voters. It's excessively plastic and phony. Tone it down, Hillary!.
@11 but of course, that's what Grandmaster B is gonna give em, because he doesn't have the experience or expertise to do anything else.

@17 you are either an idiot or a liar
@20 re: 17: I'm leaning the former.
@9 FTW. This is more "I'm not as bad as Trump." campaigning, which is not the best strategy for a win (though it'll probably work. I hope.) and is a terrible strategy for getting Democrats elected lower down the ticket.

The election will be decided by the debates.
As a point of logic: can one rip a giant asshole several dozen new assholes? Trump is already 100% asshole. I don't think you can add any more.
I know it's sad, but as this speech shows, it's now time for Senator Peter Pan and his band of Lost Boys to return from Never Land island, and finally grow up. No, you can't fly. You just had a bad reaction to all that magic pixie dust. It wasn't real. Sorry.

We do, on the other hand, have a real-life Captain Hook to deal with back here on Island Earth. But fortunately, a kick-ass Tinker Bell with enough crocodiles to eat that reptilian shit-sicle one fucking bite a time. Welcome home. Times a wasting. Tick tock. Tick tock.
It was a great speech. Thank you, Secretary Clinton!
I liked the speech. There was definitely some pandering which I could have done without, but it's good to see Hillary in top form: when she's eviscerating a GOP opponent that really needs it.
@19 I wish I could get over how stupid that acrostic is. It doesn't even make sense.
@28 It's not intended to be anything very deep or meaningful. Does it need better typography or something? It's just three unflattering words that describe Trump that happen to end in letters of his name. You were looking for something more? If you kind of squint/blink at the whitespace you might resolve the word "SCUMP," not that he needs any more nicknames.
@29 - What about:

It is given that Trump is a gasbag created by corporate media but LGBT people in Saudi Arabia are probably not so keen on Clinton palling around with the wahhabist princes. I thought I'd point that out since she mentions LGBT rights as if she had anything to do with advances in that domain.
“I will leave it to the psychiatrists to explain Trump’s bizarre fascination with dictators and strongmen who have no love for America."

I thought she'd never ask!

Happy to oblige:…
It's a good move. She is putting the big whiny baby on the defensive going into the weekend news cycle.

I'm guessing a hit on the big whiny baby on Friday/Saturday by Mark Cuban.

Bernie is left outside the big weekend story going into Tuesday's primaries.
I had no idea "Trump Sucks" is a foreign policy position.

I mean, the sky is also blue, but that is not exactly a position on global warming, is it?
She needs more flags!
@36 "Trump sucks" is more conclusive than descriptive. I thought she made a good primary case of how her opponent would severely imperil not only our foreign policy, but our standing in the world. Along the way, she also pointed to how some of his various pronouncements, if followed through upon, would destroy our economy, and how that in turn would impact world affairs.

It was a fairly logical argument, all in all. I suppose you could make a counter-case that you can't rely on stuff The Donald says to make a case about anything because it's all so random. But that's also a pretty good argument for him potentially losing us prestige and allies in the world.
@19 women really can't win on the smile / not smile thing
@39 boom
@ 38 - As a non-American, I can assure you that you lose prestige and allies every time you guys elect a Republican. With Trump, you stand to lose ALL the prestige and allies you've got left, although you stand to win a few allies you don't really want. Just the fact that he's the de facto GOP candidate confirms our worst opinions of your population.

I won't criticize Sanders, I think it's great that he managed to bring his ideas to the forefront, and in an ideal world, it's people like him who should be president. But seriously, you need to elect Hilary.
#25: Could you be any more condescending? How does it feel to have such an ugly attitude?

JFC, Dan, how about instead of using Trump's hair to justify talking about Clinton's hair, we just stop talking about everybody's hair when we're talking about government policy. There is plenty to talk about without going there, be better than that.
JMS: Sure, I could be more condescending. As Shirley Temple sang:

"On the good ship Lollipop, it's a sweet trip to the candy shop, where bon bons play, on the sunny beach of Peppermint Bay. See the sugar bowl. Do a Tootsie Roll in a big bad devil's food cake. If you eat too much, oh, oh, you'll awake with a belly ache."

It's hard not to be condescending after listening to Senator Tootsie Roll and his self-righteous bon bons smugly claim their moral superiority over Clinton supporters during the course of the campaign. And so, "It's a nice trip. Into bed you hop. And dream away. On the good ship Lollipop."

Sorry about the belly ache, but I do wish you "Happy landings on a chocolate bar."

@41. I support hillary but kiss off. Seriously "non-american." The constant pissing on American by the rest of the world is what is turning solid blue people like my Cuban born mother toward trump. I am a world traveler with a very positive view toward many of the wonderful ideas developed by our brethren, but got news for you chappies, you all have seriously nasty right wing groups every bit as ugly as trump that regularly get their butts into parliament and nearly into control in Austria recently. Look to your own house rather than squawking about our loss of prestige. We are made of the souls of many countries.
@ 45 - I obviously touched a nerve there. I must have been right, as only the truth can hurt that much.

You must be one of those self-proclaimed world travellers who only visit other countries so that they can criticize their culture and feel superior, because you obviously never learned anything from your travels. Have you ever even spoken to a foreigner who wasn't a hotel employee? Doesn't sound like it.

If you weren't so dumb, I'd pity you.
@ And just so you know (since you don't sound intelligent enough to understand basic facts): The reason the rest of the world constantly pisses on Americans (as you say) is because America constantly bullies the rest of the world into doing what it wants. If you can't see that, your opinion on international affairs is thoroughly uninformed and, therefore, worthless.

Consequently, from now on, I will neither read nor respond to whatever drivel you might have to say.
@45: "The constant pissing on American by the rest of the world is what is turning solid blue people like my Cuban born mother toward trump."

What an absolutely pathetic excuse.
If she's in Miami, I'd imagine it has more to do with what Cubans there think of Mexican laborers.
Sure undead, she's just racist. I mean, you totally know her right? If you think you are a fully rational person at all times in all places in all of your decision making, think again. We are one third rationality and two thirds cesspool of emotions. I didn't say she voted for or will vote for the man. She's been solid blue since she voted for carter the second time, but trump strikes a cord in her. Hey thats all right, ignore the deep seated reasons for the anger.... what could it lead to? A raging mousollini? No way.
@46/47 Sure. That's me. I never set foot outside my little air conditioned bubble as I worked over two months in rural Belize or traveled extensively in europe, south america, mexico. (I did quite a bit). In 2014 I was in Cuba.

Point to me one iota of fact in your swipe at American respect in your initial post, beyond that you are a non-American? One? None. And yet you criticize me about being uninformed. Even though I did identify a major European problem (I have no idea where you are from, perhaps canada. Canada has one h3ll of a stable liberal set up) - the rise of the right wing and cited an actual example on it.

Yes, you are right. People never get upset unless it's the truth. Sure. Ask the gay community why they were so upset the GOP labeled them as pedophiles. I mean, it's false right? So they shouldn't get upset.

And no mention of my comments - so willfully uninformed am I- about Austria? Here is how i back that up.…

So much for me being "uninformed."

As to whether the us is a bully. F0ck yes. It often is internationally. And no, I don't like it or respect it. I also find it interesting how much sh1t we get when we don't intervene (rowanda). But I also don't go, unlike you, and try to speak on behalf of the entire rest of the world either.

@19 Hope you're happier with the new avatar. Found art, spray-painted on the base of a Brooklyn streetlight. "Trump Toilet Tissue" with a picture of His Highness (or Heinieness) on every sheet.

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