I like how the story is about the Russians and not the rotten corruption of the DNC.
Shouldn't McCain be calling for war on Russia? Shouldn't Palin have been able to warn us that Russia has been attacking American computer systems? Couldn't she see what they were doing?
@ 1..of course THIS story's about the russians. i mean, it says so in the headline. if one can comprehend a headline...
@1: Is this truly more "corrupt" than you expected? Sanders wasn't even a Democrat until he declared. If anything, the "corruption" is about a tenth of what it would have been 50 years ago.

I'm not in favor of Putin's minions interfering with our democracy, imperfect as it is. Are you?

What I find weird is that people who seem to absolutely loathe the Democratic Party have invested so much time and emotional energy in picking its presidential nominee. Why isn't that the story?
If I (A reasonable Bernie supporter who will vote for Clinton) were part of the HRC camp, I'd be trying my best to link Trump with Putin with Russia for the next few months. I feel like that storyline (true or not) has the potential to reclaim the narrative. I mean, what does it mean if Putin wants Trump to win? Even if Trump doesn't admire Putin (which he purportedly does), do we really want to elect the guy Putin wants us to elect? And Trump has had large investment dealings in Russia and the Ukraine. Can we be sure he has our interests at heart?

Maybe she can bring it up in a debate.
@7, in the system we have, the Democratic Party is the only space on a national level that liberal views can be turned into action. So it makes sense, doesn't it? I mean, rather than starting a new party from scratch?
Putin would love for Trump to win - he could play him like a tin flute. Trump thinks Vlad is a bro. He has no idea who he'd be dealing with.
@5: you know as well as I that the national committees have always put a thumb on the scale of party politics. as far as I know the "revelations" of "corruption" showed no actual overt actions, let alone a determining effect on the outcome.

so yeah, the Russians. fuck the Russians.
So is Hillary going to accuse Russia (without any actual evidence) everytime she is exposed as an establishment hack or what?
And since when is shining light into dark shadows and creating transparency "interfering with our democracy"?
Since Assange has publically declared that he wants to fuck with Hillary's campaign, and since even George "Enough with the Fucking Bowtie" Will thinks that Putin's puttin' his fingers in this - with the very reasonable suggestion that Trump just show us his tax returns to prove he has no investments in Russia or Russian endeavors - hell YEAH Dems should be pounding on this. Show us the tax returns! SHOW US THE TAX RETURNS!

Because I don't care if they show Russian involvement - what they WILL show is that I have more fucking money than that overgrown tomato. Probably all of us do. And that's why he doesn't want us to see: actually, he has no money.
It is Russia'a fault the DNC broke its own rules on neutrality and got caught tipping the scales for one nominee. Yes, it is all Russia's fault. Probably these guys:…

Remember, transparency and rooting out secretive quid pro quo style politics is bad if it makes the road to Clinton's inevitable coronation a bit bumpier. It is good other times, but this time it is really bad. It's her turn dammit!
@Allthefuckingidiotrussianapologists, Yes, we know for a fact that the hack was committed by russians. The only thing we don't know for sure is whether it was directly ordered by Putin himself, or was one of his underlings doing it.
Russians or no, how can providing transparency into a rigged system that repeatedly, and publically, claimed it was impartial and neutral to the candidates be anything other than a service to the American people and democracy???

Wellll... in its purest form, there is nothing wrong with wanting more transparency and clarity but the road to hell and all that springs forth from earnest intentions.

The danger in the Russians getting their sticky jam hands up in our shit is that they're attached to a dangerous man (Putin) who smart, methodical, and playing the long game. And he wants Cheeto Jaysus because Cheeto Jaysus is a grown toddler who is controlled and coddled by attention and praise and will let him do whatever the fuck he wants because Putin stroked his bloated whale carcass ego a little. The only difference between an actual toddler and Cheeto Jaysus is ostensibly one of these two entities only shits his pants literally.

Russia under Putin has been ratcheting up its anti-American rhetoric and behaving aggressively towards the US military. That's in addition to ignoring the rest of the world about Syria and making nothing about that remotely better. And Putin definitely has long term plans to roll back up on the Balkans and Ukraine and do whatever the fuck he wants to them. By the time Trump even really clues into what he let through the door, we're going to be in a fuckton of trouble.

I would be legitimately concerned where the Russians are involved under Putin when it comes to their long term intentions towards the rest of the world, which includes us. I'm not suggesting that we reverse course on impartiality and neutrality when it comes to our electoral process. But I am suggesting that we also have to be super concerned with who is poking flaming sticks at a system we all commonly understand to be broken to start with and what their intention is by doing that at this very moment.
Thank Gid those 30,000 deleted emails were just about yoga lessons and wedding plans so it couldn't possibly be any sort of national security threat even if Russia got hold of them.
So... Romney was right???

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