@1: Wow. The guy that manipulated Katherine Harris into calling the 2000 race for George W Bush "loathes Donald Trump with the passion [he] usually reserves for snakes," and will be voting for Hillary as a result. That's quite the referendum on Trump.
I'm not holding my breath. Four to eight more years of congressional gridlock.

If Trump's base follows his decree to withdraw support for down-ballot Republicans who don't follow him in blind lock-step, that congressional gridlock may end up becoming a Democratic majority in both houses.
I just want to compliment the Elsa analogy. That's apt.
Ryan is a nice guy but he may not get that The Revolution is on.
Lots of Republican office holders are not going to make the transition.
It is 1856 all over.
A Democratic House, Senate, and White House would be adequate compensation for having to live through this campaign.

Clinton would be able to pass a stimulus package that wasn't half tax cuts - maybe get the angry white working class some jerbs fixing shit - roads, bridges, coal mining-destroyed landscapes.
Still don't think the Dems retake the house - though it might be close.

Here's the thing - it doesn't really matter. Unless the dems get a filibuster proof majority - which they obviously won't - the next 4 years will look much like the last 8. Nothing that even has the slightest whiff of progressive intent has a chance to get passed - unless you make major conservative concessions to do so.

I honestly don't think that Hilary will get the "100 days" of grace after she gets elected. Republicans are going to fight her tooth and nail from the day of the inauguration on.
@5 I want to criticize that Elsa analogy, it's not apt. Elsa died because she was trying to hold on to just one thing.

He's like Ramsy Bolton being eaten by his own dogs, after being comically horrible for 7 episodes too many.

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