Isn't it obvious the stranger would have endorsed him too. Even if his rhetoric was the same
I think you and Kellyanne Conway should discuss this next time you're guests on Bill Maher, Dan.
If the female Trump looked too young to run for the office, she'd have the election won already.

But this piece is a step in the right direction.
I think you just made Peter Thiel horny with your scenario, maybe his fantasy will come true..
Fortunately, wonderful actor Peter Serafinowicz redubbed Trump as a hilariously annoying gay man:…
Another clip:…
@1, Yes quite obvious, obviously. The Stranger simply cannot get enough of handsy, racist, xenophobic billionaire demagogues who are dangerously ignorant of national and global affairs, as long as they're gay. They made that abundantly clear with their endorsement for Peter Thiel's 2020 presidential bid. A tad premature IMO but it's never a bad look to be ahead of the curve.
"Gay Donald also admitted to pouring over nude photographs of Sprouse"

"Poring", not "pouring". Unless you're talking about what I believe are called "tributes". And that is possibly the single most horrible picture I have ever, ever had in my mind. Thanks, Dan.

Other than that, though, a series of spectacularly good points. You're absolutely right.
He can't be any of those things. The reason he is the way he is and has such an obtuse and offensive world view is because he isn't any of those things. His spoiled existence and coddled life experience did not teach him the more textured aspects of life. The only thing to keep in mind is that there is no club reserved for those that identify as the minorities you mention. There are many white American employed straight men with a house a spouse and 1.5 kids -even republican- that are nothing like that jerk.
Love Peter Serafinowicz has rightly gotten lots of attention for Sassy Trump but to see Peter himself, portraying Trump about a decade ago, have a gander at this clip from his BBC Sketch show:…
I'm guessing Trump would be more of an omnisexual: he's such a blatant opportunist he simply couldn't pass up any chance to stick his "YUGE Drumph" in any available orifice, regardless of gender or orientation...
One of the best commentaries I've seen on the election was John Scalzi's. He's a professional science fiction author, but he's also a thoughtful guy, and given that he's a professional writer, he expresses himself quite well.
Wait!!!! You mean Donald is NOT gay???? Get the fuck out of here.... he is so..;-S SSWW
This is reflected in D.T.'s definitions:

true,adj: good for me
rigged, adj: `I'm not getting something I _want_. '

> […] regardless of gender or orientaion
…or consent…as long as he stays 'the man'.
I asked an expert on N.Y.C. night-life in the '70s and early '80s if D.T. likely had a transvestite or two in D.T.'s history, and the answer was a firm 'it would fit' —not good evidence at all, that is to say it would fit right into one of the Candidate's speeches as gospel truth.

Scalzi is well-primed for this, having been a target of the alt-righteous/{Duck Enlightenment} /MRAvers for literal years. Also, he put bacon on a cat.
Thought about it ages ago
DT major concern about being "big"
If Donald Trump were gay, he would not have even made it to the stage in the primaries, because the GOP is chock full of homophobes. To imagine Donald Trump getting this far as a gay man requires that the world be a completely different place than it is.
Um Dan? Gay Donald would be dead. Lynched.
Is this a fanfic
A lot of people wonder if Donald Trump is Gay…

I'd say so

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