Trump will snort "it was rigged" until the end of his days (which cosmos willing will not number too many more). If we were financially cunning we'd all be silk screening "it was rigged" caps and t-shirts to sell at certain venues. Just think how many years he kept up the birth certificate scam; he'll ride the "it was rigged" goat cart until he snorts his last. This man is psychologically incapable of allowing any of his many failures to be other than the dog ate his homework.
Frankly, it really doesn't matter if Trump himself accepts or rejects the election results; the GOP is going to accept them regardless, because at least they understand the ramifications of not doing so, even if their chosen candidate doesn't, and I seriously doubt Trump alone can mount any sort of effective challenge without their backing.
If Trump's idiot fans want to resort to terrorism after Trump loses, the first challenge is operational security. How do you keep from getting caught and sent to jail while your attack is still in the planning stages? When you're an idiot? Checkmate, fuckers.

Remember these are the same people who couldn't accept a black president. What did they do about it? Got themselves promptly arrested, ten out of ten times.

Maybe they'll just riot, but that won't get out of hand because the police will leave the tanks and machine guns back at the station, and stand around in small numbers in shirtsleeves, grinning for selfies, and issuing polite verbal warnings. With white rioters, they de-escalate. Any damage to property in the places where the white rioters live will not prompt alt-right media to ask, "Why are they wrecking their own neighborhood?"
Trump only ignores the law when it threatens to pose a hindrance to his further wealth or success.
I just want Texas to go Blue.

It's a simple wish.

Make it so!
Oh, or when it means he might not get laid. Can't forget that scenario.
Entrepreneurs should be selling "I rigged" stickers outside -- at a respectful, legal distance, of course -- election venues. I'd buy one.
I'm making undisclosed promises on my future actions w/r/t to Mr. Trump "If he wins"
I so want his to be over. trump is an offensive man, I would not want him as a neighbor. If he were a relative I would tell people we share a last name and that's it. When he loses as he most certainly will I hope he goes away and does his business without any publicity at all. He's not a good person.
HRC will win. The question I have is if the Senate will go blue. She needs that to make a lot of appointments, and she needs them done in the first 2 years before the Senate switches back.

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