The Strangers Ansel Herz called the protest the most intersectional march I have seen in Seattle.
The Stranger's Ansel Herz called the protest "the most intersectional march I have seen in Seattle." Ansel Herz

There Is a Good Reason Why People in Several Major American Cities Are Protesting Donald Trump: Yes, the president-elect is a racist, a sexist, and a bully, but there is also this: Next year, not one of the major political institutions in the United States will speak for or support urban values. The White House, the Senate, the House, and eventually the Supreme Court will be controlled by people who are anti-immigration, anti-LGBT rights, anti-Black Lives Matter, anti-abortion rights, anti-tolerance, anti-public transportation, anti-climate realism, and anti-wage realism. The US is an urban country, but its cities will have no voice at all at the federal level. Washington will speak only for rural voters and their concerns, most of which cause more harm than good. Wyoming, a state with a population of 500,000, will be represented more than King County, which has a population of 2 million. This just will not do. The American political system is structured to under-represent urban voters and over-represent rural ones. Cities must demand changes in the political system. They must also flex their economic power and not rule out the use of general strikes when important rights are challenged. No major American city voted for Trump. In fact, you have to go below towns with 50,000 souls to find majority support for the demagogue.

If Seattle Is to Be a Sanctuary for Immigrants, As Mayor Murray Says: Then it must become affordable. In the age of Trump, cities need to build more and build for immigrants, the poor, and young people. Enough with the luxury condos, and market-rate apartments; Seattle must construct housing for those who earn minimum wages and also no wages. If cities are too expensive, they will close their doors to young people who have no money, live in rural areas, and want to get the hell out of there.

In the Age of Trump Seattle Should: Allow non-citizens to vote in local elections. Mike McGinn explained how and why this should be done in a 2015 Slog post.

Cops in Portland Helped a Huge Anti-Trump Protest Shut down I-5 on Wednesday: Blogtown reports that in the past the Portland Police has done everything it can to prevent protesters from entering and blocking traffic on I-5. Last night, something unexpected happened. The Portland Police maintained a light touch and pretty much permitted people protesting Donald Trump's victory to access and occupy the highway.

The SPD, However, Blocked Access to I-5:

West Seattle High School Students Walk Out Over Trump's Victory and Brazen Bigotry: Yesterday, students at West Seattle High School left their classrooms and took the streets because their future is now in the hands of a self-proclaimed pussy grabber. Indeed, because he was voted into power by many white Christians, we must conclude that Jesus is down with this pussy grabbing. The students marched to the Alaska Junction chanting "make love not walls."

Washington State Is Becoming Bluer: The News Tribune reports that Hillary Clinton won "56 percent of the vote to Trump’s 38 percent, a margin greater than President Barack Obama had over Mitt Romney when Obama won the state in 2012." What the post fails to mention is that this state is deep blue because of the Seattle metropolitan area. It has nothing to do with the state as a whole. Seattle increased its population considerably over the past four years.

When Was the Last Time the Canadian Government’s Immigration Website Crashed? When Britain voted to exit the European Union. The two crashes—the one that happened on Tuesday night when it was clear that a pussy grabber was going to become Commander-in-chief; and the one that happened on June 24, when the results of the United Kingdom European Union Membership Referendum were posted—were triggered by the same form of panic.

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Now Is the Time to Resist and to Show Some Love: We are all in this together now.