Knife to a gun fight should be the Democrats official motto.
The majority of Americans don't doubt the patriotism of Clinton or Obama.
I think the problem was the Democrats didn't push identity politics enough this time around. Oh, and not enough telling those who are still struggling years after the Great Recession to go fuck themselves. They needed to do more of that.
Gosh we hope she challenges.

Watching the election night results roll in was electrifyingly entertaining.

Goosebump City.

(we watched MSNBC, to get the full effect.
Over the evening Maddow's face got longer and longer,
smugness being displaced by morose dejection,
until around 2am she became bitter and testy.
It. Was. Priceless.)

sure, the recount would not deliver that level of thrills.
But it would be a hoot, none the less.

Go for it.
Democrats. "They have neither the time, the training, nor the inclination for strategic thought."
I think Clinton is done being humiliated on a national stage.

They are just going to settle down and live fat off of the Clinton Foundation now, and probably try to get Chelsea into the senate or something to keep the donations rolling in.
Good Morning Charles,
I've never ever doubted Clinton's, Obama's or Trump's patriotism. Patriotism is a relative term but one must have it/use it in America to get elected. For some, it is merely a love one's country, right or wrong. For others, it is the right to critique strongly that same country. I agree with both. I don't believe it has anything to do with race or gender. It must be used constructively but not too much. Remember what Johnson once remarked "Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels".

BTW, I think it would be exceedingly foolish for the Clinton team to challenge election results now especially before the big Thanksgiving holiday. On the other hand, we will never, ever know what Trump would do if he was in Clinton's position. It's good that he wants to leave Hilary alone once assuming office. This election is over and that's all that matters. As Obama himself said "The sun will rise tomorrow".
Anyone have the stats on voter turnout for non-white males?
So despite clear evidence of GOP 'purge' lists using a very flawed system called "CrossCheck" to eliminate voters from the polls & prevent them from voting, and despite the "deadly accurate" exit polls being somehow, "mysteriously", way off this time around... nothing will be done.

I guess Obama and Clinton don't have anything personally to worry about. Being rich does have it's privileges. Fuck the rest of us.
It's not a misplaced sense of duty. Someone has to realize that democracy and the Republic itself is bigger than any fight on any one day. The other side sure isn't going to.
oh shit. this rings so so true.
I love the use of "men who look like, and are in the class of, Trump" as a qualifier, since there are few men of actual class who look like him and he has no real class himself. He's spent his life clawing at the wall that divides boorish parvenus from old money, and he will never succeed in gaining entrance into the hallowed halls of the Blue Book. Buying Mar-a-Lago and turning it into a club put the nail into the coffin. Old money isn't boastful and it wears clothing that fits properly. Judging from what I've seen of his sons, they're destined to continue the family's position as arrivistes for at least another generation even if they do have all that money.
What you just wrote in your post mad absolutely no sense whatsoever. You don't even understand what you just wrote in your post. Sore losers are common in our country but your even worse than a sore loser. You sound like a three year old recovering from a temper tantrum. As a twenty year military veteran who served honorably I would say you have not served this or any other country for that matter and you have no clue what patriotism even is. So why don't ou quit your baby crying accept the fact that people are tired of this dictatorship they have been under for the last eight years and want something different. Get on board the red white and blue or get out of the way so we can change this mess we seem to be in. If you can't deal with the change of power in our country then you need to go see your therapist. Suck it up and deal with it.
@mudede Thank you for your insightful post. It really is the liberals vs. the patriarchs, isn't it?

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