We hope she gets her recount but Stein and Sawant are greasy green shitstains in the system's underpants...
Okay, you either need to put "neoliberal Hillary Clinton" in the scariest of scare quotes or meaningfully justify why that label is appropriate given that HILLARY IS NOT A NEOLIBERAL. I'm not going to let this go.
@2 Hear! Hear!
@2 *checks previous comments*

Oh wait. You're serious?

Let me laugh even harder!
@1: Interesting how CC makes the most sense on this thread.
I bet Jill has great green bean side dish recipes!
Now this is just getting downright sad.
Do us a favor and stop this pro-clinton slant. It's the reason why so many voters refused to vote for shillary.

I can understand and appreciate the screwed up election and how Trump won even though she has now > 2million votes more than him. However she conceded the election.

In the end you just make people question the election process, and make people doubt it. I don't know what to say other than you are doing a lot of harm with your actions.

P.S. I have no problem walking away from Pro-Clinton pay Cable Channels; it saves me money when I don't have to hear about how she could have / should have won.

,,!!,, HBO
Great that Stein is doing this. I can see why Clinton wouldn't wanna, but someone's gotta in case there is real fraud.
Recounts aren't going to flip leads with tens of thousands of votes.
"Lol stupid Drumpf says he won't accept the results of the election rofl!"

*Hillary loses*

"R-recount now! The election was rigged! #imstillwithher."

Watching the left tear itself apart for the next four years is going to be glorious.
Stein and the other SHillary hysterics elected Trump.

Her recount efforts are a day late and a billion dollars short.

Thanks to Stein, Johnson, the Bernie Bros and the other Alt Left Useful Idiots who swallowed Russian propaganda we're plunging off a cliff into the inevitable Trump Great Depression Worldwide Financial Crash.

Among other horrors of the Trump era, including destabilizing Eastern Europe.


Just more of Stein's glory hound ineffective posturing.
Really? She and Gary Johnson influenced the election in some way. Gary Johnson siphoned off over 3 million votes that most would have gone to Trump and Stein siphoned off her share (albeit much less) most of which would have gone to Hillary. Calling Trump a monster is hardly logical (then again we have a Marxist writer here). He has agreed to keep a lot of Obama era legislation and policies in place, including Obamacare, the Paris Climate Change deal and other things. The only thing that is really going to change are our open border policies. Enough is enough with that.

So this clown also says that socialism is more logical. Really? That must explain the over 150 million people who were murdered or oppressed by it alone in the last century. Give me a break and stop trying to force this nonsense on me.
Unfortunately that's what most people who voted for Hillary actually think @16. Blame game is in full effect

It's Gary's fault; it's Stein's fault... don't forget the FBI Director before he released that memo she was going to win she thought.

Never accept responsibility of the failure; this is the new norm. Be afraid be very afraid.
@10 re: making people question the election process:

good! If there's tampering, rigging, etc. in the election process, shouldn't we know about this? Shouldn't we *want* to know? After living through 18+ months of campaign fuckery, we can't take a few more weeks to make sure we got it right?

As for the "harm" being done ... what? some people might find out that their votes were NOT counted? or that mysterious blocks of votes appeared out of nowhere (*cough* Russia)? And if it's the cost you're objecting to, well, that's about that same as 60 hours of guarding Trump et al in NYC, so who's the bigger drain on democracy?
Or we can have a recount in California and cull all of those questionable Clinton ballots cast by individuals who forgot what country they're citizens of.
Great. But can anyone name 1 neighborhood specific thing that Kshama has done for Capitol Hill? Not like, oh Hillary would be a better president for us. But like, she got a street light fixed???
FYI: The recount effort has now raised over $1.3 million. You can check the progress at this link:…
I'm usually a fan, Charles, but you've got to be kidding with this nonsense: "She [Sawant] wants us suddenly not to see the broken logic of her position on Trump today in connection with her position on Trump before he was elected."

The broken logic that she still supports creating a national third party free from the corporate influences inside the Democratic and Republican parties? Do you really believe that she wouldn't be out organizing against Hillary Clinton and the neoliberal Democratic establishment with the same vigor should Clinton have won instead of Trump? Unless you believe that the last three years of her aggressive organizing, protesting, and legislating against neoliberal Democrats doesn't count for some silly and philosophically abstract reason, you have no logical support for your position.

On another note, all I want for Christmas is a Jill Stein recount to hand the election to Clinton so those low-information, politically invested once-every-four-years, paternalistic, privileged, empire-loving Democrats can shut the fuck up forever about third party candidates.
Damn Charles is making CM Sawant the new Cliff Mass!

But this time Charles is 100% right! We had a chance to stop trump at the ballot box and campaigning against Clinton was campaign for trump. If CM Sawant wants to save her political career she should apologize and admit she was wrong, otherwise this is going to be her iraq war. Also CM Sawant should bear responsibility for any fallout or retaliation Seattle gets from the federal government for staying a sanctuary city. Once the election was Trump vs Clinton CM Sawant had a responsibility to do what was best for this city and campaigning against Clinton hurt this city.

Keep the pressure on Charles!
Why not? I donated $11. Any opportunity to pour some sand in the Trump crankcase is time or money well spent -- now until he's gone.
Also Charles have you considered CM Sawant was thinking logically? Trump being elected creates a power vacuum on the left which allows the SA to step in. That was the message that CM Sawant was pushing before the election and now that the election over she's changed her rhetoric in order to position herself and the SA at the front of the resistance.

While the restructuring of the Dems to allow those who actually fight for people to have power maybe the only good hing to come of this election, it comes a huge cost mostly. Sanders and Warren were smart enough to realize this which is why they supported Clinton.

You haven't came outright and said it, but its completely possible this is how CM Sawant and the SA wanted things to happen and are fine with the pain that will be felt by women and minorities in order for them to have a power grab.
Or we could suck Trumps gilded balls while fantasizing about white nationalism and the return of a post WW2 manufacturing economy.
Jill's fundraising is about $14,000 short right now. I bet it'll pass the $2.5mil requirement before midnight.
Boom, $2.5mil. The recounts are funded. Don't fuck this up, Jill.
I'm glad Mudede is exploring logic, he kniw Sawant is bad because she's bad afterall, and she is insisting only she may lead too (which is a fact just think about it as a fact and it's true), maybe he'll deduce that not supporting the slaughter of hundreds of thousands or making millions homeless and starving is actually a good and logical position. But he'd rather logify how good his boss' positional goodness is, and how paying with change is as stupid and hellish as self-checkout. Stein (who unlike Clinton will challenge male power, hahahahahahahahahahahahhahaaaaahahahahahahaahhhhh modus ponens, nunc est bibendum) and Sawant are awesome, they'll never be The Good Liberal that Mudede coos for.
More milquetoast mewlings from Mr. Mudede!

Kshama Sawant and Socialist Alternative are genuine socialists.

They are completely consistent in their militant opposition to the capitalists, their Republican and Democrat parties, their Trump and Clinton creatures.

Whereas Mr. Mudede simply makes a fool of himself, groveling on all fours before the beaten generals of the Democrat Party leadership.

We will keep doing our best to help our class realize its mighty power.
By participating in all their struggles.
Including the anti-Trump protests.
And winning the leadership as and when we can.

We strive to create a federation-type of mass party of the 99%; against the Republican and Democrat parties; hopefully including Socialist Alternative, the Green Party, Black Lives Matter, 15Now, NODAPL, Socialist Students, all other genuinely progressive forces, and above all the huge numbers of young people, workers and students moving into struggle.

We would all work out and agree upon a common minimum programme, but beyond that each constituent group would be free to run their own campaigns and to criticise each other.

In the struggle of ideas, the best ideas will win.

There is no time to waste!
The vile sexist, racist, anti-worker agenda of the bosses and their Trump is a dagger aimed at all our hearts.
We must build a mass movement of the multi-millions to take them on — and, in battle after battle, defeat them all!

Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism!
@2 Lukejosef, THANK YOU. These idiot people hurl the term “neoliberal” without even knowing what it effing means because if they DID, they’d know Hillary is definitely not that. Neither am I but I’ve been called that by former “friends” for supporting her candidacy, but I did so openly and in their faces. Calling her a neoliberal is such childish horse crap. For most of Occupy and all of this election I shook my head in disbelief for how dumb people are, quick to insult people without any true understanding. They didn’t bother to vote because they don’t believe in the system -- thereby ensuring that we get the shittiest system possible– or they spoil and waste their vote.

I asked people over and over, Jill Stein too at a march, what happens when Trump is elected and not a single one would or could answer it. It’s as if they never thought that through. They’re either working for the forces of evil or they’re just stoopid. But now *I* have to live with the mess created by their lily white privileged asses. I can’t tell you how angry I am at Jill Stein and every idiot who supported her, and Gary Johnson is EVEN WORSE. He’s a know-nothing. Stein doesn’t know much but at least she tried to pretend; anything for the camera.

I attended a couple of anti-trump marches after the debacle but it dawned on me, half of these a-holes didn’t bother to vote and if they did, they wasted it on Jill Stein all the while trashing Hillary to anybody who’d listen for the past year, and I left and went home. They can march on their own. We are effed, and Hillary haters now have to live with it. Problem is, so do the rest of us. They can post all they want about all it’s Hillary’s fault but those won’t assuage their guilt.

I largely agree with Mudede here but I disagree with him that she’s a neoliberal and that she’s not a progressive. If you read and listened carefully to her plans and proposals and not to her hateful critics, you’d know that Hillary, while being hawkish, is way more progressive than people realized. For anyone who similarly wasted their vote, thanks for ruining my holidays, my meditation, and our future.

@18 Gertie, why are people so afraid to back an audit or a recount? It makes no sense unless you're a "well, what's done is done and we're impotent and helpless to do anything about it" type. I'm not. Too many people are afraid to go forward in a bold way unless they're assured of some "victory." With Trump in office, nothing will get fixed and everything will get worse, so that's worth sticking your neck out for, isn't it?
Charles, you barely in charge of your mental faculties. Logic? How is it logical to state that Trump will control the world now with his " rabidly white supremacist world for the next four years.

Show me a Sore Loser and I will show you a loser.

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