Meanwhile, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana, which, when combined, have less than HALF the population of Washington, get the same number of electors.

Our nation is represented by the rubes and rednecks and backwater mouth-breathers.

The Ammon Bundy's of this country get more say in who's in charge than any of you do.
Great. So I'm the end I have no idea who I voted for for President.
Welp, it's over now, baby blue. Time for popular resistance.
"Tyranny does not begin with violence;
it begins with the first gesture of collaboration."

Non Serviam!
"I think we should wait and see how this Emperor Palpatine guy does":…
The only defectors were people from Hillary (to Bernie and Faith Spotted Eagle). lol

Most. Hated. Candidate. Ever.
WTF, Washington Democrats? First your undemocratic caucus and now voting for a *Republican*. Y'all need to get your ish together.

I need my safe space!

That was a stupid exercise in american democracy. Why didn't one of our Warshington electors vote for Mickey Mouse, huh? Huh?
Just after the HRC endorsed Clinton, I called and spoke to the director of Member Services. I suggested that it was inappropriate for the HRC to endorse so soon, something it had never before done until after the primary concluded. I noted that nobody had asked the membership for our opinions on whom the HRC should endorse. I, as a Sanders supporter and a donor to the HRC for well over a decade, wanted some say in what the organization I was paying would do as far as endorsements.

The Director of Member Services informed me that my continued donation was no longer necessary, and he was canceling my membership immediately. The HRC didn't want my money.

During the primaries, I drove across the Midwest door knocking for Sanders in IN, MI, KY and IL. Most people were receptive and friendly. Except for the Clinton campaign. Those guys couldn't contain their outrage when we crossed paths on the campaign trail.

After the primary, everyone from Sarah Silverman to Dan Savage seemed to form a little Conga line to heap abuse on Sanders supporters. Every one of you seemed yo think the best way of winning our support was to scold us into submission. You didn't ASK for my vote. You DEMANDED my vote. You suggested that if I disagreed with you, it wasn't because I had a few valid points here and there and on the whole we were fighting on the same team, so whaddaya say we kiss and make nice- no, it was more like, "You IDIOT! How DARE you disagree!"

Then the election happened. I voted Green. After that, the abuse continued, "You're not obeying OUR orders!"

Now, even the Electoral College is getting sick of this crap. Up until now, most elections have featured maybe 1 or 2 faithless electors. This time you had to threaten people to get them to vote Clinton.

Dan Savage, Sarah Silverman, et al- you are the epitome of impotent rage. The more you shout and scream and demean your own team mates, the more isolated and alone you find yourselves. Oddly, this increasing solitude doesn't seem to bring you any pause. I don't see anyone on the Clinton side suggesting that maybe they could try being nice to the people they need to vote for them. Instead I hear Dan on Blabbermouth talking about how stupid rural people are.

You know what? You deserve to lose. Don't come back in 2020. Let the adults handle this next time. And by adults, I mean Bernie and Nina Turner and everyone else who has matured to the point where they greet even Trump supporters and try to convince them tactfully that we're actually on the same side after all, and voting for our side is a better way to help everyone.

@5: that's actually not true. 2 Texas electors opted to vote for someone other than Trump.…
@10 - For the lose. Thanks for Trump. This one's on you.
@10 Agreed. They aren't stupid rurals, they're scared just like the rest of us. Celebs, Dan Savage included, are the worst.
"You know what? You deserve to lose"

Considering I'll get a $8000 to $10,000 tax cut from Trump, I'll probably lose all the way to my Hawaiian vacation next year.
@ 13,

You can thank yourself. Nobody did this to you. Your campaign died from self-inflicted wounds.

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