Das bows out.
Mona Das bows out of her congressional race. Mona Das for Congress

Today, Mona Das announced on Facebook that she's no longer running for Congress in Washington's 8th District. In the post, Das cites fundraising issues and says, ultimately, that "there is not enough money and the responsible thing for me to do is suspend the campaign." Though this run wasn't successful for her, she encourages others, "especially little brown girls with big ideas," to run for office. Hear, hear.

Here's the full post:

With the introduction of scientist Shannon Hader in the race last month, there are now only nine candidates running against Republican Dino Rossi, a three-time loser with an anti-choice record who supported a constitutional ban on gay marriage.

At candidate forums, voters have told me they wish they could roll all the candidates up into one super-candidate, which sounds terrifying to me, but I get what they mean. Everyone running right now has good qualities, but some seem more amateur-hour than others, and it's hard to see substantive policy differences between them, which makes it hard to decide who to support. Those with anti-GOP fire in the 8th District are hungry to support somebody, but their attention is divided. People know it's going to be a hard fight, and polls show a very slim majority of them want to back a Democrat. ONE DEMOCRAT. Not nine Democrats. One.

Unlike every other Democrat, Rossi's name is already widely known in the region. He's going to stay sleepy and he's not going to say much until he absolutely has to. The longer he can stay out of the public eye, the less pressure he faces, and the less time one of the Democrats has to really make a name for herself or himself.

So, Democrats, please: Follow Mona's lead and drop the fuck out.