"The Attorney General of the United States says it's what the Bible requires."

First, who gives a shit about what some rando book requires... what's the Constitution say?

Second, if he thinks that, I don't believe he's actually read the bible.



For lots of people this is exactly what they wanted and voted for. This country is packed with xenophobic bigots.


Yup, this is America now. At least until a bunch of Americans die from chili-cheese fry related diseases. Which shouldn't take too long after we get rid of Medicare and social security.


Where was all this righteous indignation when that feckless cunt Obama was doing the same thing?


Where was all this righteous indignation during the Anglo-Boer war when the British Government was doing the same thing?


@6, as far as I can tell, that article refers only to unaccompanied minors acting as guides/traffickers. It makes no reference to family separation.

"His intelligence analysts estimated that 78 percent of the guides smuggling other migrants were Mexicans younger than 18 — teenagers often hired or conscripted by drug cartels that knew they would not be prosecuted if caught — and he wanted to attack this loophole."

Did you misread the article? Or do you not comprehend the specifics of the current change in policy? Or are you trying to draw a false equivalency? Or are you just trying to sow confusion?


@6: Did you read the story you linked to? I did. It makes no mention of family separation.


6: Sorry, but when you have even Franklin Graham and Laura Bush saying this is cruel policy, trying to say “But he did it too!” isn’t going to cut it.


8 & 9
Fair enough. Here's a better source.
Point is, nothing has changed other than possibly the Executive branch's willingness to do its job and enforce the law as written and adjudicated.


I think the cruelest action here is a parent willfully putting their child in such a situation.


@6 - Let's say, for the sake of argument, that you actually read the article you linked to and believe it describes a parallel situation to the one we are talking about today. Should we then assume that you SUPPORT a policy that takes small kids from their parents and imprisons them? It seems truly barbaric to most of us - painfully cruel in the short term, and creating an entire class of traumatized people down the road. Whatever your views on immigration, how do you justify that?

If you're illiterate, then I would like to point you to a local affordable class that can help you develop reading skills. They will serve you well in the future, on Slog and on other online platforms. If you're really just a vindictive heartless asshole, then I'm afraid those classes won't do much good.


11 & 12 - I think you need a brain examination and possibly a brain transfer because it looks like yours doesn’t work right.


These people do not meet the requirements of asylum.
They come from terrible shitholes but they do not meet the requirements for asylum.
They are abusing the asylum system because they are unwilling to follow the laws pertaining to people who want to immigrant.
They bring their minor children hoping to tap into DACA benefits.
The American People feel sorry for them but are not fooled and are sick of our laws being ignored and our generosity being abused.
We elected Trump to slam the door on this shit.
If illegal aliens don't want to be separated from their children they should stay in Mexico.


@15, that's for immigration courts to decide on a case by case basis, not law enforcement officers or anonymous dickheads on the internet.


Contact your representatives, the department of homeland security, ICE the white house, the ACLU, the press, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and every single person who might be able to stop this EVERY SINGLE DAY, MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY until this ends.



@11: So nothing's changed except everything. Great argument.


Hey @15: THAT ISN’T THE KIDS’ FAULT. They are being punished for the action of their parents. How are you not able to see that little kids don’t deserve to suffer as a deterrent to illegal immigration, which isn’t even in the top 10 of major problems facing this country? Why have you elevated it to an issue so dire that we have to resort to barbarism?


That troll never reads the articles he posts. He an idiot. For fuck sake he went on endless tirades about Benghazi. I don't think he's actually ever made and accurate claim.

But my favorite moment was when he posted with such poisonous certainty about how Obama was the first president to see a NATO country have a coup (against Erdoğan in Turkey). TAKE THAT LIBERALS

HAHAHA. Except, you know, the TEN fucking prior coups in NATO countries. IE: the FOUR prior coups in Turkey in 1960, 1971, 1980, 1997. The TWO coups in Greece in 1967 and 1974. TWO coups in France. And the two attempted coups in fucking Italy. So under Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton...

HAHAHA. God what a dumb fuck. He's gone around creating sock puppets ever since.

You really do "Gotta Be Kidding Me."


Just a bit off topic,but long before this story broke,child support services have been doing this to parents FOR DECADES and NOW you take a interest in it? A little fucking late if you ask me!


@22 cite your sources.


@22: that's what CPS does. take children away from abusive/neglectful parents, out of abusive homes.

do you think they take joy in it? do they put those kids in cages hundreds of miles from their parents? no, they bend over backwards to avoid it, and get roasted over coals if they make an error. they usually give the kids to relatives, or put them in foster homes as quickly as possible.

so, what is your fucking point? that the situations are analogous?


@15: there are other countries besides mexico. look at a map of the continent. further towards the bottom. then go read up on why they're shitholes.


Truly disgusting.


What the fuck did y'all think these kids sounded like?

Seriously, if your opinion on something you were already fully aware of is changed by a video (or audio recording), that's a stunning lack of imagination. Did you think these kids were playing Mario Kart and cutting the crusts off their PB&Js?


By the way, those of you that support this are un-American cowards of the highest order and history will judge you that way.


Wow.... your obsession with me, what I think, and say is both flattering and disturbing... Strangely, I can’t recall a single post you ever made. Guess I’m just not as into you as you are me. You should seriously consider getting a life of your own...


This nightmare Empire of Evil and those rabidly supporting it are beyond heartless and dangerously sick.


I think Mark Steyn said it best from an immigrants point of view.


@29 yeah. You’ve tried that before, too. Is your demensia so bad you don’t remember saying this before?

Look, normally I forget trolling losers like you exist five seconds after I hit post. I honestly feel a twinge if filthy shame even posting on this cesspool.

But, god man. You stand out as especially stupid. And here you are proud of it. Have some fucking shame.

Man. It’s really hard to forget a world class jackass that so predictably makes so many insanely, easily googled, bogus statements. And. With such total confidence and certainty.

And on SLOG that is an achievement.

Fuck, dude. Instead of saying “yeah, I guess I don’t know about this shit” like an adult, your response is to complain that people NOTICE when you repeatedly say some of the dumbest shit this side of Special Ed class. Hahaha. Great defense.

You don’t fool anyone.

You wouldn’t be in here a dozen or more times a day (probably more with all your sock puppets and I know this can’t be the only place you post) saying reapedly stupid shit if you were not absolutely obsessed with getting this kind of attention.

So. Sure. Mad props dude. For being a proven consistent standout idiot on the internet that it gets you remembered. Your mother would be so proud.


You mad bro?


I would be genuinely interested to know just what you all think we should do with children when thier parents are detained or otherwise incarcerated. And no... a kid ain’t a get out of detention free card. So don’t propose that’s the answer.

Here’s the scenario: Mamma illegaly enters the US with her 5 year old in towe. Gets caught and is going to be detained (you know, for breaking the law and being a flight risk) until her case can be heard. Just what SHOULD happen to little jr.? Remember... Mama’s going to be locked up (thats not negotiable) and there are no known family members in the US. Just what do you propose we do with jr.?


Who cares? No one on this slog is actually gonna do anything about it. All anyone will do is call someone else names etc. One can "care" and be sympathetic. But, that's empty words on a computer screen behind a "screen name". That's as far as anyone will go here. I, will do nothing but enjoy the show. I will not make a phone call, write a letter, or protest downtown for kids that are not mine. If you feel like doing some thing other than call someone "asshole". Or say "Prove it". Then go right ahead. Keep us updated on your progress.


@34 here’s my solution. It not only saves you tax money it may make the government money. Let that mother go Scott free with her child. If an American company gives her a job confiscate that company and auction it’s assets. Either she will be supported by the church or her family until she gets legal status or she will leave the country.


Jeff Session is a feckless runt.


The high that you get from being smug, snarky, and snippy is transitory.


Sessions quotes the bible to "legally" justify the forcefull separation and imprisonment of parents from their children? We're encroaching upon a reign of terror folks... it's already begun for some. If you want it to end you're gonna have to stand up and shout about it...and f#cking vote!


Well, I certainly agree that we should be going after businesses and individuals who employ illegal aliens.


Seems like there should be a way that good souls who trust these asilum seekers to show up in court could post bonds and bail them out of detention... I wonder how many on the progressive left would sign up for a program like that? ACLU certainly has plenty of $....


@43: Well as a matter of fact......

LOL. I've known you on this blog for many years and Dr. Z's assessment of you couldn't be more accurate.


Thanks... Didn’t know you could post an immigration bond. Glad that you can. Though the dollar amount seems WAY to low to ensure that they will appear in court. I’d be interested to know how what percent skip bail.


Immigration bonds are obviously set way to low to ensure appearance at court. 70% of illegal aliens seeking refuge fail to appear for their hearings if released.

“Of nearly 100,000 parents and children who have come before the courts since 2014, most asking for refuge, judges have issued rulings in at least 32,500 cases, court records show. The majority - 70 percent - ended with deportation orders in absentia, pronounced by judges to empty courtrooms.”


@41 Yes, you're right. According to OUR BIBLE EXPLOITING WHITE SUPREMACIST ATTORNEY GENERAL Jeff Sessions, a mass separation of children from their parents is morally justified because the law allows him to do it...and government law, i.e. our government's law, is ordainded by God. By the way, dozens of children are being lost because there is no policy for reunification with their parents!

Okay, so who's next? Religious right to disciminate against LBGTQ? More travel bans?

We've got to neutralize this bible thumping racist and his ego maniacal authoritarian boss (ehmm, our president). The next step is voting out Trump's corporatist lap dogs in congress.

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