I'm sure she'll vote no. Maria is just going through some tough times and has trouble focusing.


Hmmmmm. I remember back in 2002 she voted in favor of the AUMF which Murray voted against. Where does her money come from? That should clear it up...#activemeasuresdoc


her silence is strategic. are you going to vote for Hutchinson because she's not announcing her position in advance? no, you're not.


Just called her office. She's a no, official statement coming soon.


Do the votes matter? If it comes to a vote, Kavanaugh is in, correct?

So the vote doesn't really matter - all that matters is ways to try to delay the vote until after the midterm elections when the numbers are a bit more favorable. This is Merrick Garland's seat.


Unless the Dems are united and 2 Rs crossover, he's in. That's all that matters. If you want to count heads on the Dem side, it's Manchin, McCaskill et. al. that are the issue, not Cantwell.


Did anyone really have any serious doubts about this?


@7 COMTE and others: All I know is that all RepubliKKKans, their lawyers, lobbyists, and dupes must die before we ever get our democracy back.


Because she knows no other Republicans will, so she can take the "principled" stand.


This whole Democratic show has a real deck chairs on the Titanic feel.


All Republicans are zombies but not all zombies are Republicans.


@8 -- what do you suggest?
Please, tell me it isn't Genocide.


"... with secret e-mails tumbling out and Senator Cory Booker risking expulsion from the Senate for personally exposing documents related Kavanaugh's views on race."

Nah. He'd gotten permission from (perhaps) Senator Grassley at 3am, so he knew, going in, there wasn't any risk. Lovely drama, however.


“Those ‘grave concerns’ definitely seem like a signal about which way Cantwell's leaning, but the Senator, who's up for reelection this year, still hasn't said for sure that she's a ‘no’ on Kavanaugh.”

She votes for the white supremacist / extreme far 'right' corporatist, she’s Done in Washington. Her vote is already cast.


In other news, water is wet. I swear to God, this level of reporting is coming to the Times with the addition of Groover. You guys couldn't find your ass with two hands and a roadmap.


So sick of the BS coming out of Congress, they never ever get anything accomplished except bickering!! Murray lost my vote in 2016 over this crap and Canwell is losing it here in 2018!! No more incumbents!!


Doesnt matter what these vile bumps on peoples butts vote. There is enough votes to get him into the supreme court.


@19: Not if the two women Republican Senators stand their ground (like they claimed they would) and just say NO to reversing Roe v Wade -- or if a couple Republican Senators have the balls -- and Integrity -- to stand and say, "hey, we stole one of your picks, you can have one of 'ours.'"

I spose the best way to reclaim that seat might be to add a couple more to the Court ... I know, you gotta Win first. And the Democratic partay does have a pretty shitty record in that dept....

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